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Originally Posted by ryguy View Post
Nice options! I like how you have it set up so we can get all the light bulbs in one place and not have to search/figure out which size we need....

1 thing though...

Do you offer, and can you add the map light bulbs that go INSIDE the rearview mirror to your site please?

For the map lights INSIDE the mirror, we use a Wedge Base bulb (194/168 type)

Some 4g's have the map lights INSIDE the mirror, and some have that single light on the roof up front...
I think its if you have a sun roof, then you have the map lights INSIDE the mirror.... if no sun roof, you have the single map light...(like in your pics on your site.) I'm not positive on that.....
but I know I have the 194 wedge type bulbs and there INSIDE the mirror...(I have a 06 gs with sunroof/sun and sound package.)
I didnt see them on your site... Please correct me if I'm wrong.
You'll have to forgive me as it's been quite some time since we had a 4G in the studio (old facility even!). I can't recall what sizes fit those locations, but I imagine they are 194-sized bulbs (extremely common).

It's easy to confirm with a quick look at your factory incandescent bulbs!

Nick C.
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