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Yes, its 194 wedge bulb type....for our Map lights INSIDE the mirror.

No worries,

Just figured I'd let you know in case someone orders your map lights and they dont fit/work.

They WILL work for a 4g that has the front roof light...with no sunroof...
They should work for our dome light too....

but if someone is looking for the map light thats INSIDE the mirror, theyll need the 194 wedge type... 2 of them! (theres one on each side of the mirror)

Do you offer them in LED?

If so, you may be able to label them as the map lights...
and then label the Dome light, for the Dome and front roof light...

just trying to help....
and Im likeing the trunk light, vanity light, and license plate light... Ill prob put in a order soon.

o, and usually the number is missing from the oem bulbs...(rubbed/burned off) so usually people ask, or search here to find out what size it is...(its a fairly common question,along with how to get them out...)
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