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Potential Development: Paddle Shifters

So, as you may or may not know, Brian J developed a module several years back that allows people with automatics to use the steering wheel audio control buttons as "paddle shifters", in the sense that you would use the buttons to change gears, rather than the stock center console shifter. I have reached out to him to purchase one, though I'm not sure if he still sells/makes them (we'll find out).

Now, I am proposing to custom fabricate ACTUAL paddles, as well as a bracket system with a spring loaded lever. My hope is that I can find a way to inconspicuously mount it on the steering wheel (inconspicuous as in, small, compact, aesthetically pleasing, not a big ass box superglued to the back of the steering wheel), and have the paddles be an extension of the buttons, and work in combination with the BrianJ module.

I think that this would be beneficial for the driving experience, because it allows the driver to keep both hands on the wheel at all times, even when shifting manually (or... sport-tronically?). Compared to just the buttons, It would allow the driver to have their hands in a more normal position than the direct center of the steering wheel. And lastly, if made well, It could look pretty damn cool.

Are there any automatics out there anymore that have the BrianJ harness set up? Would you be interested in a product like this- that gave you more "conventional" paddles? Also, would there be any people interested in purchasing a harness in combination with paddles (assuming I can get in touch with BrianJ, and actually develop a "kit" of sorts).

Side note: If you don't have steering wheel buttons, you can purchase them for cheap direct from Mitsubishi (like $15 from what I checked, not even joking), and install them. They can do it for probably the same price as your car, or you can go knife happy and do it yourself pretty easily, if you're daring. I guess my hope is to make legitimate paddle shifters available for any automatic Eclipse.

As for material, I was probably just going to use ABS plastic. Metal sounds expensive, difficult, and heavy, which would shoot production and final selling prices up. I could vinyl wrap the fronts of the shifters with CF, because we all like it, don't lie. Or just leave it plain black.

I'm getting too ahead of myself! Who thinks this would be cool? Thoughts, opinions, concerns, complaints? Bueller?
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