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Car won't start after transmission work

My girlfriend has a 2006 gt and her clutch petal was going to the floor with no resistance. Determined the concentric slave cylinder and master cylinder needed replaced. Replaced them myself and now have pressure back in the clutch pedal. Now is my new problem of the car not starting.

When I turn the key nothing happens. I get power to the dash and my battery seems fine even though it did measure only 10.5v. Even still I tried to jump start it and was still getting the same problem. The starter was getting about 9.5v but it didn't seem like it was transfering the power when the ignition switch was turned on. Using a screwdriver I got the starter to spin by jumping the solenoid. Is the starter bad? If so how did it get bad between the time I took it out and put it back in? (It was out for a few weeks).

Another thing I found that may or may not be having an issue is the wire I found that bypassed some burnt up switch that I think controls the radiator fans.

In the image you can see the burnt up spot is where the black fuse box thing went. It had been replaced before I bought the car with that wire and a 25 amp fuse. I can't remember which prongs these plugged into or if they are even cause a problem. I know I need to get that hooked up to but not sure if I can find an appropriate wiring diagram or someone on here knows a thing or two about that. Thanks for your help and let me know if I have left something out.
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