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The headlights are probably HIDs, they use H1 bulbs in the high and low beam, not the stock H13, so keep that in mind. A lot of people around here should be able to tell you that though, or you can find it on the forum when the time comes to change lights.

At 120,000km, I really doubt that much servicing has been done. The big stuff is more around 160,000, but due to the age, do yourself a favor and change the belt.

The tail lights I think still use all the stock bulbs. I bet they look great on your car. Is anything else changed? Eg, different intake, exhaust, interior wise. The OEM stuff is usually all plastic and boxy, aftermarket usually switches to smooth piping, simpler design

EDIT: Oh yeah. There's a tuner in Ottawa, goes by the name Hackish on here. If you asked nice maybe you could get your car tuned in person instead of over the internet, and requiring the Tactrix Openport 2.0 cable (save yourself c$220 roughly)

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