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another MPG thread


MPG: Up to 20 city / 28 highway

I am getting 18-19 consistently with my MPG app. I do a lot of city driving and when I drive the interstate its for about 20 miles and I am running 80MPH so the RPMs are a little high.

Do you think the interstate RPMs are killing my MPG? I dont redline the thing but I am letting the tranny shift around 3K rpms.

Also with the cooler weather I was expecting better numbers....

I dont think my tires are that big of a factor I have the General G Max. Also I have the 18in rims soooo thats a SMALL factor.

Real world numbers for this car are.

EPA: 20 combined. City MPG:17. Highway MPG:25

Self Reported: 18 - 27 combined, many reported in the low 20s

This week I am being super careful about driving with a light foot and we will see how much different it is for me. I will report back to you in few days. I am going to work here in a min and that will be 20 interstate mile for the day. I am going to drive 70 instead of 80.

Also going to recheck my tire pressure.

Sun and Sound Package.
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