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Originally Posted by Sabertooth^2 View Post
You're not getting 312mpg, I'm sorry, but no way. Where are you getting this information from? You would have to be going 4524 miles on your 14.5 gallons to get 312mpg. The car is rated for 27mpg highway when stock, modded it'll do a bit better but not a gain of 30,000%
I think theirs a misunderstanding, or you got our measurement wrong since you're from london and u guys use a different measurement or something, 27mpg = 1 gallon here. Sorry for the confusion not enough rest on final weeks of the semester

I got actually 315mpg when i refilled the recite said it filled 13.5 gallons so, 315mpg/13.5gallons = 23.3 mpg, but thats me always flooring it when merging on the highway everyday We are also having alot of construction done currently on the road so theres been alot of traffic too.
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