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Thread: I have a question Good brands for cheap alternators?
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Good brands for cheap alternators?

So I have had my eclipse for 3 years now. Not had any issues except the guy before me decided to put HiD's in the car *have gotten them replaced back to stock headlights since* and apparently this has done considerable damage to my alternator. Now I know what you're thinking. Did you check the rest of the your wiring? Where are you getting your car checked? Are you sure it's not another problem with the car? I've gotten my car checked in multiple places (A few times in North Carolina, A few times in California by local mechanics and Mitsubishi mechanics) and I've gotten the same thing every time without telling the mechanics about the alternator (Just told them to check my electrical system for issues). Everything on my car is working as intended, the amps on my alternator is getting low and needs to be replaced eventually. So moral of the story, my alternator is on a slow, snails pace death. Any suggestions for brands of alternators I could get for stock 2008 GS 2.4l alternator replacement? been looking around and I'd throw anything in it when it comes to engine stuff, but I get sketched out with electrical work, because I Know once electrical work starts to go bad, you can chase this rabbit hole for the existence of the car. So I'd rather get a brand that other eclipse owners trust.

TL: DR I know for a fact my alternator is going bad, what's a good brand of alternator??
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