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Originally Posted by 06gt4g View Post
"how does 27 miles per gallon equal 1 gallon."

its the system we use in USA.... look it up. I use my cars Trip A and Trip B measurement to figure that out after refilling than resetting that. Its pretty self explanatory i.e. per gallon.

But in correction from the last post it was 315 miles for 13.5 gallons.
I understand what miles are, what gallons are, and how to calculate miles per gallon. We do it here in Canada all the time because of Americans using US imperial.

Here's your last one:
Originally Posted by 06gt4g View Post
Thats good, just came with my final numbers and i got 312mpg with the gas light on with a hackish tune and injen cai on a 14.5 gallons. So about 18% increase in mpg, and i been flooring everyday to class or work to hear that cai lol
If you meant you got 312 MILES when the gas light came on, sure. But you were not getting 312mpg on that tank of gas until the light came on. That would mean you got 4524 miles on that tank, as it would be 312 miles PER GALLON, and 14.5 gallons, thus 312*14.5 = 4524.

If this isn't clear enough, I'm dropping it because it's really not worth any more effort explaining the difference between mpg (miles/gallon) and miles. There's a reason you're the only one giving MPG figures in the hundreds
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