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Originally Posted by Smokeynbandit View Post
One of the good looking reds lol ive seen a couple here that just looked too plain but I like this one Id drive. Bags or adjustable is the only way I could ever lower my car, like above rds and pot holes are terrible around here raleigh nc, parking lots forget about 2" lower id scrape everyday just getting into school. Some rds are ok and wouldnt have a problem 90% of the time but that 10% would cost me big time slamming into something like a deep pothole on a stiff suspension would mess up something eventually, or like a parking space block lol I do hit those sometimes but wouldnt have a lower section in my bumper if it was lowered. Ive only just touched something on the nose on my vette once and was basically stopped so I do know a thing or two about ling front ends and the eclipse is not that. For everyday driving if you have good decent places for driving 2+ " on this car does look alot better I feel lile a suv when i come beside hondas and like size cars. For daily driving i could do 1" without major issues or differences but thats why Id do some adjustable ride height if I was to do it right in my book. Some people are fine static.
Smokey, I kinda said the same thing to Thomas but you guys are totally right. I don't suffer any ride comfort riding so low because of the roads that I'm driving on. But on uneven roads with potholes and washboards, you would start to give away ride quality. Adjustable suspension seems like the way to go for you. It's just a matter of investing the cash!
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