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Originally Posted by Chizzler View Post
I have a similar issue, cranks but wont start and no codes... have been discussing with Sabretooth and car has been at the Garage for 3 weeks now ugh so I feel your pain.

Garage is very busy and keep putting me off, which is frustrating. Last update I got from the garage was that they noticed a loss in valve pressure. Car is outside and down pouring so i am not to hopefull they will look at it today, but will let you know what they find. Mine was starting but clunking out, now wont start at all.

My battery as well, is new... they just changed the timing belt and spark plugs. I can rule out head gasket as I did alot of reading on it and am not seeing any symptoms. Also no codes as well :/
That sucks, man. I hope they figure it out! Like previously stated I replaced the head so there shouldn't be any loss in valve pressure (hopefully!). I replaced the cam sensor, still doesn't start so my next step is to get a new crankshaft position sensor and hope that does the trick..if that doesn't work then I'll be at a loss to what it could be..
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