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Fuck all, that's what I'd give him. You can low ball him down pretty hard considering all those problems. Plus it sounds like he really wants it gone. This is in your favor. I'm not familiar with the Canadian car market, so I can't really say how much you should offer him, but you could definitely get it pretty cheap, a lot cheaper than other s12s. The only thing hes got going for him is the paint seems to be in fairly good condition, but that will only get him so far.

As for the car itself, I think it would be a great project car. It's going to be hard work and probably pretty expensive, but I think it's a sexy lookin car! I love those pre-2000s nissan coupes. I've always wanted a JDM S-13 personally. There was one for sale near me for $7500 in perfect condition and I'm so sad I didn't have the cash to get it.

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