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Joe's Supercharged 08 GT

Joe's 350 WHP Supercharged 2008 GT:

------STREET ROCKET-----------

better be packing upwards of 400+ at the wheels and have your a-game on command if you want the win against me....

this shit is raked out, even after bringing the front end up at least an inch.

here are a few videos:
back out from garage to pull away down the street. good for hearing the motor at idle, low power, and then taking off w/ a little throttle....

here is rev or two after a warm up drive. can't go into boost w/out 'load' on the least I can't.

night time back-out and pull away - a little more power then in the first video, but no more then 1/3 throttle. listen for the cut-off when I let off the gas and you can just hear the air "umph" through engine as it get's it's last big breath. i always loved that. inside you can just feel the power and then the 'let out' as you come off the gas. it's pretty sick.

the redline hood props are another one of my favorite mods - thanks to Dax for the suggestion. they make a big difference, to me that OEM stand is just so ugly now.

M-1 abrams shift know w/ short shifter & aluminum shifter base bushings. maybe my favorite mod of them all.

the flux capacitor - 4000 watts, 2 X 12" Diamond D6 Subs, hits pretty goddamn hard:

Official Mod List: (*Note: Underlines Indicate Link to Part Purchased)
** indicates part purchased from RRE --> here.
************************************************** *****************
************************************************** *****************
(~347 WHP, ~309 Torque, ~6 lbs. boost as of 1/25/2011)
  1. Vortech V-5 G Blower (Kit Link Here)
  2. RIPP SDS Drive-shaft & Blower Mounting Bracket
  3. Vortech Stage 1 (3.25") Pulley (Soon to be upgraded to 2.62")
  4. AEM Fuel / Injection Controller (F/IC) 6 (PN# 30-1910) (pg.3) **
  5. BilletProof Racing Wiring Harness for Eclipse GT and AEM F/IC 6**
  6. AEM Methanol Injection Intercooling system (Part Link Here)
  7. RIPP Long Tube Headers w/ 18mm Defoulers for spacers (Park Link Here)
  8. Injen SES 3" Cat-Back Exhaust w/ High-Flow 'Performance' Cat (Injen PN# SES1873TT)
  9. Mishimoto Oil Cooling Unit w/ stainless steel braided hoses (pg. 22)
  10. AEM UEGO Wide Band AFR Gauge w/ Bosch o2 sensor (AEM PN#30-4100) ** (pg.3)
  11. Outlaw Engineering Thermoblock Intake Spacer Kit (PN# ???- click here for link) (pg.20)
  12. Megan Racing Oil Catch-Can (MR PN# MR-OCT)
  13. Glow Shift Oil Pressure Gauge (PN# GS-T04) (pg.7)
  14. Glow Shift Vacuum/Boost Gauge (PN# GS-T01)
  15. Glow Shift Oil Adapter Plate (Sandwich Plate) (pg.7)
  16. TWM Short Shifter w/ Aluminum Shifter Base Bushings (PN# TWM-06MEV6wB)
  17. TWM M-1 Abrams Shifter Knob (PN# TWM-ABRAMS)
  18. Ingalls Engine Torque Dampener - 'Stiffy' (Ingalls PN# 93037) (pg.3)
  19. Energy Suspension Engine Mount Kit (Front & Rear Polyurethane Engine Roll-Stops + Small Center-member Bushings)** (pg.2)
  20. Falken FK-452s 300AA-A (pg.16)
  21. Drilled & Slotted Rotors - (pg. 28)
  22. Stainless Steel Brake Lines** - (pg. 28)
  23. Throttlebody By-Pass mod (How-To by Chaos Here)
  24. NGK Iridium One-Step Colder Spark Plugs (NGK PN# BKR7EIX)
  25. Premium Oil Filter, Water Wetter
  26. Auxiliary Grounding Installed (pg. 41)

  27. Clutch Masters Stage 4 FX400 6-puck racing clutch (CM PN# 05-107-HDCB6-AL)
  28. Quaife Automatic Torque-Biasing Differential (LSD)
  29. D2 RS Racing Coilovers (PN# D2-M20) (pg.17)
  30. Eibach Front Sway Bar - (PN# 6036.32.F) (pg.18)
  31. Eibach Rear Sway - (PN# 6036.32.R) (pg.11)
  32. Tanabe Tower Bar (PN# TTB114F)
  33. Tanabe Under Brace (PN# TUB114F)
  34. Energy Suspension Front Control Arm Bushing Kit from RRE** (pg.18)
  35. Energy Suspension Front Sway Bar Bushing Kit from RRE** (pg.18)
  36. Energy Suspension Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Kit from RRE** (pg.13)

  37. AIT GSX-Style Carbon Fiber Spoiler (PN# n/a)
  38. XXR 502 18 X 8.5 Rims - Chromium Black
  39. Muteki SR 48 Super Tuner Lug Nuts: 50BV30 @ 22 X 48 - Chrome Black (pg.21)
  40. Halo Projector Headlights (chrome) (PN# 2LHPELP06JMCTM)
  41. LED Taillights (chrome) (PN# LTELP06LEDTM)
  42. Redline Tuning Hood Quick Lift (Part #: 21-30002) (pg.16)
  43. Fog-light Adapter kit by BilletProof Racing (fog-light toggle w/out headlight on) (pg.6)
  44. Daytime Running Lights (DRL) Disable mod (How-To by Shapdog Here)
  45. HKS 'Limited Edition' Billet Oil Filler Cap (PN# 24003-AM001)
  46. Caliper Custom Paint - Red (pg. 28)
  47. A-Piller Gauge Pod (Part Link Here)
  48. Lenzar VIBE286 Vibrant 2 channel Mosfet Amplifier (4000 Watts - or so they say...)
  49. 2 X 12" Diamond D6 sub-woofers
  50. Audio Control LC6i (Part Link Here)
  51. [Premium GT Package Rockford Fosgate 8 speaker sound system (10" removed)]
  52. Partial De-badge Mod
  53. Painted/Blacked Out Emblems, Badges, Rear Reflectors & Fog Bezels
  54. Painted Alloy Fuel Door - Black (pg.21)
  55. Drew Technologies DashDAQ-XL Vehicle Data Acquisition System (pg.9)
  56. Cobra 360 Laser Radar Detection System - XRS 9345 - Broken.
  57. Tint (15%)

ACQUIRED but Not Yet Installed:
  1. Ported & Polished Intake Manifolds
  2. Vortech 2.62" pulley (Stage II or III Pulley)
  3. OMNI 3 Bar MAP Sensor (for reflash)
  4. Tactrix Open Port 2.0 Cable (for reflash)
  5. Extreme Dimensions Eternity Body Kit - (Part Link Here)
  6. Forged Ceramic 10.5:1 Pistons by Ross Racing Pistons (click for thread) (pg.9)
  7. 6G74/75 Custom Forged H-Beam Connecting Rods - Link to E-bay (pg.10)
  8. Subaru STi 565cc Pink Injectors (PN# STI-16611AA510) (pg.3)
  9. AEM Universal Fuel Pressure Regulator
  10. 97-04 3.5 L 6G74 Main Rod Bearings (Part Link Here)
  11. Walbro 225 Fuel Pump - In-tank Fuel Pump
  12. Benen Tow Hooks (PN# BE-10100) - Sold.
  13. 2ND 6G75 to build out....used, but pistons and rods + valves, bearings, head-studs to be upgraded. Port and polish intake, etc.
  14. Torque Plate Acquired from TWilson for Rebore of block

here is a pile of parts - some have since been installed....I need to replace this pic.

A shot w/ the front bumper missing - but the only good one I have right now of how the car currently really looks. Most of the above shots are a year out of date.

************************************************** ******************

^Latest Engine Shot (from 04-10-2012)

^Latest Dyno Sheet

=======Future Upgrades =======================
************************************************** *****
  • Reflash from Hackish
  • Valves/Springs/Retainers from Delta Cams
  • 3 - Angle Valve Job (by Delta)
  • Welded & Grind Cams for Boost (by Delta)
  • AM Hardware for Motor - Head Studs, etc
  • Adjustable Cam Gears - AEM True Time
  • AM Head Gaskets for rebuild - Felpro or Ishino
  • Port n' Polish Intakes - ACQUIRED FROM FREEKER!! Installing soon!!
  • GT Carbon Hood (?)
  • H11 fog light HIDs
  • H1 Projector HIDs
  • Black-Out Tail Lights / head lights
  • Rebored Throttlebody by Proflow from 65mm to 67mm - Link Here
  • Engine Bearing by Clevite or ACL - Needed Part #s Here
  • Cooling Fan Upgrade + Radiator shroud
  • Stainless Steel Fuel Lines - Russell Complete Kit
  • Stainless Steel Oil Feed/Return Lines for Supercharger - J&P Kit
  • Plasma Lift Coil Enhancement by Okada Projects
  • Weapon R Ignition Equalizer Kit (for negative side of coils)
  • Whiteline EVO End Links - (PN# KLC102)
  • Custom Inter-cooler if needed (if I can get up to and past 10 lbs of boost...)
  • Brake Kit - Brembos
  • Custom 'Supercharged' Badge
  • Ralliart Eyelids
  • Nitrous Kit by NX or NOS (125-150-175 dope shot)
  • Nitrous Bottle Heater
  • psi Gauge
  • Nitrous purge kit
  • Remote bottle opener for Nitrous kit
  • other stuff I am not thinking of......

It is hardly 'finished' though I don't see it being in that state anytime soon. so for whatever it's worth, he's my members' ride as of today. there are also a few other more detailed shots of the motor and stuff on my profile page under 'stage 2'

Projected Build Schedule:
  • All suspension upgrades - Late Jan/February 2011 - CHECK! (partial) - All New Suspension Pieces Aligned and working like a champ. Body Kit Install Postponed..... DONE.
  • Add Oil Cooling Unit.... DONE.
  • Install New Rotors & Stainless Steel Brake Lines, Paint Calipers - DONE.
  • Send Heads to Delta for PnP, Cam Regrind, 3-Angle Valve Job - Aug-Sep. 2012
  • Send Throttlebody to Proflow to have it rebored from 65mm to 67mm. - July. 2012
  • Upgrade Fuel System (injectors, pump if needed, regulator if needed) - JJuly-Aug. 2012
  • Dial in Cooling (meth injection) - DONE (Partially - Need to have it professionally tuned on a dyno)
  • Acquire Remaining Engine Parts for Build Out (valve package; used 6G75) - Ongoing.... (IN PROGRESS)
  • Buy Engine Stand & Hoist - Summer 2012 (may not need just yet...)
  • Complete Engine Build (pistons, rods, valves, etc.) - Sep - Oct. 2012 - Complete by Dec. 31, 2012
  • Install Body Kit - Fall / Winter 2013.
  • Fan and Cooling upgrades / possibly an intercooler - Spring 2013. (then re-tune)
  • Add complete direct port injection Nitrous system (125 - 150 - 175 shot of dope) - Spring - Summer 2013

========AVAILABLE PARTS=================================================
Here is my used parts thread:

Used Parts Sale Thread - Click Here

================================================== ==================================
supercharger + pozzy + stage IV clutch + headers/3" exhaust + AEM F/IC 6 + tires + countless smaller mods = I FUCKING WIN.

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