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: Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)

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  1. What bumper is this?
  2. Spirit vs Blackout 1 body kits.
  3. I have a question Eclipse with MMSC
  4. Store options for Eyelids?
  5. 2009 GT Rear bumper add-ons/alternatives?
  6. Red wire looms look pink?
  7. Thinking about paint
  8. Fangs on 2012 bumper?
  9. I have a question Need a DIFFERENT kit other than the ones assigned to our 4g's.
  10. Weather Techs?
  11. It's broken so might as well mod it!
  12. I have a question Wake modifier rear bumper installation HELP
  13. I have a question Converting turn signals into running lights/turn signals
  14. headlamps/fog lights
  15. Glowing window tint....
  16. OEM SE Rear Spoiler Installed
  17. I have a question what front lip is this?
  18. Black oem rear spoiler for sale brand new
  19. Where can I find AUTOKITS-X M-STYLE Front LIP
  20. Make Eclipse look like McLaren
  21. Vinyl Paint Question(s)
  22. I have a question Bumper quick release kit installation.
  23. I have a question Bumpers
  24. I have a question Duraflex Body Kits
  25. Debadge and rebadge lettering?
  26. I have a question Interior Painting: Color Match or "Close Enough"?
  27. Center dash tv
  28. Can anyone identify this spoiler?
  29. D-Speed Rear Lip Questions
  30. Halo Projector Headlights on a 2009 GT?
  31. I have a question Eyelids for 4G Eclipse gt
  32. need help identifying.
  33. Dead site?
  34. fog light
  35. Painted Gas Door today . . .
  36. Need help
  37. Spec-D LED bulb
  38. Replacing Sound System
  39. Weapon-R CAI
  40. Leather Door Pull
  41. How to Remove E-break Handle?
  42. Anybody know the door pull bolt size?
  43. Race harness install pctures?
  44. Louvers
  45. Cobra sport seats for Eclipse
  46. black or grey pillar pod? curious what every ones opninion is
  47. Connect interior lights to headlights
  48. Any bad ass paint jobs out there?
  49. I have a question Vehicle Wrapping
  50. I have a question Canards
  51. Question about Rally front bumper
  52. I have a question Will the headlights on a 2013 Eclipse fit on a 2007 Eclipse?
  53. Coil overs? Which should I get
  54. Anyone still make custom eyelids?
  55. The 2009 Eclipse Exterior Mods I can't Find But Want
  56. Chrome paint top coat fail
  57. Silver plasti-dip front bumper
  58. Looking for leather seats
  59. Solar Yellow
  60. I have a question Can you Paint Plasti-Dip?
  61. Need help with body mod
  62. Plasti dip but still can get the idea o what im going for
  63. Headliner wrap?
  64. Trunk dip and debadging
  65. Cheap sexy eye lids
  66. I have a question 08 Eclipse SE Lower Door Decal
  67. Halo led lighting
  68. Soft top dye
  69. Front Bumper
  70. Let me know what you think!
  71. Stock hood modifications. Trying to make something interesting and doable
  72. Halo Headlight Brightness?
  73. Headlight question
  74. Project: Luminous Blue Interior (Glow In The Dark)
  75. Projectors, HIDs, Tails, Fogs
  76. Anyone with Lamin-X tail light tints?
  77. Sparco Hood Pins install guide
  78. Yakima Roof Rack
  79. Stayer. Produce rear spoiler.
  80. Brights and Regular lights on at the same time in the aftermarket headlights?
  81. Ventilation hood
  82. New cheap mods looking good
  83. New cheap mods looking good
  84. What are these headlights?
  85. Rear Seat Delete Help
  86. Now For Something New In Paint
  87. Best fog light kits?
  88. Removing exterior adhesive?
  89. Fuel door replacement/coloring kit
  90. In search of a bike rack.
  91. Touch up paint sources?
  92. Places to buy spoiler delete?
  93. HID Kit that will be illegal in PA but legal in FL?
  94. Carbon Fiber Battery Covers
  95. I have a question Where is the best place to buy aftermarket parts?
  96. I have a question Aero Kits
  97. Opinion on what OEM spiler looks better
  98. Project: Replacement Clock/Radio Display (In-Dash LCD)
  99. body kit paint and install
  100. Carbon fiber hood vis racing
  101. Never seen before!
  102. Center Dash Display for storage (not gauges)?
  103. Cell Phone Car Mount Ideas (Pics Please!)
  104. I have a question Going WIDE
  105. photo chop request
  106. Plastidip over VHT??????
  107. Ralliart Kit
  108. Where can I get?
  109. Members Opinion - Color scheme
  110. Hatch Glass Weatherstrip issue
  111. Is there a mod evo x steering wheel man?
  112. Plasti dip first timer
  113. Round LED DRLs?
  114. I have a question Anybody have the chrome halo headlight with tint on them?
  115. Plasti Dip "Eclipse" Rear Emblem, Before or After
  116. Enkei GW8?
  117. Custom seat covers for Mitsubishi Eclipse
  118. Side view mirrors for your Mitsubishi Eclipse 4G
  119. Cleaning Up GT Gas Door
  120. Fuel Door eBay Screw Up
  121. Led Light Bar installed!
  122. Rear Bumper Reflectors. Ideas?
  123. headlight issue!
  124. I've Got a Spoiler Challenge For You All
  125. Project: Lower eyelids? New design?
  126. Caliper paint
  127. Options for torn back black leather seat
  128. Weathertech Floor liner interest thread
  129. Factory Style Rear Spoiler for Mitsubishi Eclipse- yay or nay?
  130. Dash kits?
  131. Anyone interested in having a How To on anodize spray paint?
  132. Show off you dead pedals
  133. I have a question Tint headlights and tailights from Lamin-X?
  134. Painted Calipers? Good or bad?
  135. Need opinions on spoilers!
  136. Duck tail lid.
  137. 2008 eclipse gt mommy mobile!
  138. Need leather seat covers
  139. Body Shop in Los Angeles
  140. Spoiler help! GSX vs OEM 09+
  141. painted mid piece
  142. Interior
  143. Add cooled seats??
  144. "Lowes" bodykit mod lol...under construction!
  145. Project: Ipot edition!!! Complete
  146. Subwoofer Grille
  147. Best color for the Eclipse
  148. momo gear-knob!! change
  149. Question about Lip
  150. Project: Tail Light Mod with Switchback LED
  151. front liscence plate with aftermarket bumper
  152. Just got my aero kit installed she is looking good
  153. I need Sance HELP!!!
  154. Project: NRG Stealth Shiftt Knob Modification and Install
  155. Spec-D Chrome projector installed on 06 GT
  156. Bumpers on 06
  157. Project: Hood Pin install
  158. Need some opinions
  159. pretty nift
  160. Lower grill install
  161. Carbon fiber vinyl wrap
  162. 2.5 inch drop on my 08 Spyder.
  163. Strange idea... But What if...? Soft Top-Hatch?
  164. Project: interior
  165. I have a question Wheel Well spoiler / mud flaps?
  166. Tint
  167. HID Projectors- Do I have everything?
  168. How To Guide How To:Demon Eye, Halo Swap, Lens Swap
  169. I have a question How should I prep my OEM upper grille for paint?
  170. My "custom" ground effect kit
  171. 96 spoiler on 2000 eclipse
  172. Project teaser.....
  173. body kits splitter
  174. Spoiler
  175. Todays project
  176. I have a question 09+ Aftermarket Front Bumper
  177. Looking for BLANK center caps for 06 Eclipse GT stock rims
  178. Plasti Dip Gloss?
  179. Show off the lights!
  180. I would like some opinions and tips on my 07 Spyder
  181. I have a question What clear coat over vinyl?
  182. Blacked out to Yellow/Black Batman Theme
  183. Bolts behind license plates
  184. I have a question Harness question
  185. Weekend job.. Grill, K&N and Grounding kit
  186. help!!!!!
  187. Head light Help!!
  188. Plasti Dipped Rear Lip
  189. I have a question Fog Lights OEM vs After Market Fit
  190. I have a question color numbers?
  191. Project: 2006 eclipse gt. blacked out beauty!
  192. Blind Spot / Solution
  193. Plasti-Dipping
  194. OEM vs ati spoiler
  195. I have a question How to bring something painted back to carbon fiber
  196. New tools for your ideas to take shape with literally...
  197. I have a question Autokits-X Bumper Bar Cover. Need more information!
  198. I have a question Best style / color cf vinyl wrap
  199. Project: Hydrographics
  200. PhotoShop: Simulated Chrome Colors
  201. grill suggestions
  202. front seat plastic back shell
  203. Long weekend of dipping
  204. Angel Eyes for Eclipse GT 09
  205. I have a question Like the looks of Halo Projector Headlights but...
  206. Setup help
  207. I have a question Which Way Do i Go
  208. door stabilizers
  209. Ralliart Eyelids
  210. Plasti Dipping
  211. white interior
  212. I have a question about halo projector headlight
  213. halo headlight question
  214. I have a question Is it possible to use 4g?
  215. Project: Blue/black color scheme black 06 stock gs!
  216. vented hoods and rain/snow
  217. 2006 GT full custom Plasti Dip
  218. ACI eyelids....
  219. new paint job
  220. Fuel Door
  221. Advice/Insight?
  222. my first plasti dip
  223. Eyelid Fitment
  224. Hood plasti dipping.
  225. Autocity Front Fang Fitment
  226. I have a question are there any other polyurethane body kits available other than this?
  227. Trouble removing springs.
  228. Anybody with the v speed spoiler?
  229. Gray Plasti Dip!
  230. I have a question Vinyl wrap: fill me in
  231. carbon fiber
  232. idea for gauge installation
  233. I have a question need a thread pitch reducer for shift knob
  234. eclipse spyder bodykit ideas
  235. Finally Plasti-dipped my wheels
  236. E4e lip fitment help
  237. Vinyl wrap on a roof with sunroof
  238. Project: anyone interested in a wire tuck engine harness?
  239. Plasti dip whole car Matte white?
  240. dualies \m/
  241. I have a question how remove interior cover?
  242. SPOILER ALERT: Post your rear spoiler pics here!
  243. Interior dash kit
  244. Need help!!!!!
  245. Project: Throttle body Coating
  246. Trailer hitch question
  247. Dash panel
  248. Angels Retro fit :D
  249. Rear diffuser?
  250. Review Monster Knobs, GREAT product!!!