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: Automotive For Sale/Wanted

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  1. I want to buy Fic harness for gs
  2. I want to buy WTB: Tire Pressure Sensor
  3. I am selling Tein S Tech + KYB Struts
  4. I want to buy Coilovers!
  5. I am selling G-Speed Body Kit
  6. I want to buy ISO: GS 2.4 4 cylinder engine.
  7. I am selling 09+ Front Aero Lip (Rave Red)
  8. I am selling Iggee yellow seat covers and ichibahn shift knob
  9. I am selling Orangedemons For sale thread!!!
  10. I want to buy Fuel door/filler neck gasket
  11. I want to buy transmission mount
  12. I want to buy Lowering springs
  13. I am selling a couple of small things for sale
  14. For sale or want to trade Orange p/s fang
  15. I want to buy Ralliart eye lids
  16. I want to buy wrx injectors
  17. I am selling Stock oem solar hood (yellow)
  18. I am selling Intake Manifold GS & Headlights
  19. I am selling Tom Tom one (3rd version) & LED Emblems
  20. I want to buy Aftermarket Hood
  21. I want to buy 09+ rear!
  22. I am selling OEM Rotors, Calipers, and Pads
  23. I am selling Window Scoops
  24. I want to buy Oem fogs
  25. I want to buy Looking for these parts
  26. I want to buy VIS Demon Fiberglass Hood
  27. FS: Weapon R CAI
  28. jdogg98555's car part out
  29. I am selling Magnaflow Resonator & Thermal Wrap
  30. I am selling KMC Rockstar 18' Rims
  31. I want to buy RIPP Supercharger
  32. I want to buy WTB: 4G69 Throttle Body
  33. I want to buy Front fangs/ lip and rear lip
  34. I am selling New Stock 17" Rims/ Stock Air Intake/ Stock Muffler
  35. I am selling 2006+ Mitsubishi eclipse body kit (VIS) V-Speed
  36. I am selling Stance SC 5ive
  37. I am selling EBC Brake pads and O2 spacers.
  38. I want to buy Stock front struts
  39. looking to buy 4g69 2.4L throttle body
  40. I am selling simpson camlock 6pt harnesses
  41. I want to buy Gt tires/rims
  42. I am selling E4E style lip piece.
  43. I am selling A bunch of parts
  44. 18 X 9 DRIFS RIMS fs/ft
  45. I am selling 2006+ Mitsubishi Eclipse Autokits-X (M-Style) Body Lip Kit $625
  46. I am selling 2006 eclipse gt side skirt pure red
  47. I want to buy Injen heat shield
  48. I am selling Nitrous goodies more to come
  49. I am selling Ingalls stiffy
  50. I want to buy 4 cyl OEM Intake setup
  51. I am selling Trevroar's $25 sale
  52. I want to buy Ripp Mods MAF Pipe for SDS
  53. I am selling stock taillights from my '06
  54. I want to buy Leather seats
  55. I want to buy wtb rear seat delete
  56. I am selling Kenwood DDX319
  57. For sale or want to trade Cleaning out the garage, lots of stuff
  58. I am selling OEM Fangs/E4E lip kit
  59. I want to buy Suset Pearl wing?
  60. I want to buy Sunset Pearl eye lids?
  61. I want to buy Tein s-techs on struts
  62. I am selling 35% precut tint + install kit
  63. I am selling Gutted Exhaust Manifold
  64. I want to buy OBD-II Pin
  65. I want to buy stock headlights for retrofit
  66. I want to buy Front Lip - 2006
  67. I am selling Swaybar, front brace, v2 spacers, BBS etc
  68. I want to buy Mod-GT Fiberglass Hood
  69. I am selling AEM UEGO AFR Gauge
  70. I am selling 17" 4g GS oem wheels + 20mm spacers
  71. Wtb: terra cotta interior pieces!
  72. I am selling CF Eyelids, HID's
  73. [WTB] Coilovers
  74. I am selling F/S: Ralco short throw shiftet
  75. I am selling Selling New Ralliart Eyelids & 2.25" Exhaust Cutout
  76. I want to buy Eyelids!!!
  77. I want to buy 35W slim hid kit ballast
  78. I want to buy list of parts
  79. I want to buy Ralliart eyelids, any color
  80. WTB side skirts 07gs
  81. I am selling Tactrix 2.0
  82. I want to buy 09+ Eclipse front lip Oem aero
  83. I want to buy stock gs manifold for an 07
  84. I want to buy I need new/used tires for my GT!
  85. I am selling takata harness
  86. I want to buy Club4G decals?
  87. I want to buy WTB GT Y-pipe
  88. WTB oem headlights
  89. I am selling FS NY: Ripp Mods BOV
  90. I am selling Mito-01
  91. I am selling FS car show door and hatch props
  92. I am selling Fujita F5 CAI, Progress springs, BrianJ ECU, ralliart eyelids, + MORE!!!
  93. I am selling Full set of OEM GT Calipers, Rotors, Brake Pads, and misc OEM brake component bolts
  94. I want to buy Owners Manual 2.4 06 AT / Cargo Cover
  95. I want to buy oem mud guards
  96. WTB: lowering springs, cai, axle/catback
  97. I am selling GT Throttle Body
  98. I want to buy Tein H tech or Progress lowering springs
  99. I want to buy 4G69 Throttle Body
  100. I want to buy Ralliart/Vision Style Eyelids
  101. I want to buy WTB - tail lights for 06
  102. I am selling Ralli Art Eye Lids
  103. I want to buy Drivers Side Visor
  104. I am selling 18" ags racing wheels
  105. I want to buy Need a drivers door for an 07 gs
  106. I am selling braided radiator hose
  107. I want to buy RRE Headers for GS
  108. WTB: Ralliart Eyelids
  109. I want to buy RF 6 disc...woring lol
  110. I am selling Decals :)
  111. I want to buy Ralliart Style Eyelids
  112. WTB: 6G75 Crankshaft
  113. I am selling OEM Springs & Struts
  114. I want to buy GT rear or GT all calipers
  115. I am selling SS Pulley Tensioner *Brand New*
  116. For sale or want to trade 18x8 5x114.3 bolt pattern Maxxim Rims (GT Stock wheel size)
  117. I want to buy 2006 Eclipse GT FLOOR MATS!
  118. I need an aerokit for mi 4g but... im in Mexico
  119. I am selling GT throttle body
  120. For sale or want to trade Dee Ped F/S WTT Thread
  121. I want to buy GT throttle body ! NEED!!!
  122. I am selling Hertz ECX-165 Door Speakers w/mounts
  123. I am selling iPod interface MZ607411EX (V-900IP-U)
  124. WTB: Rf door speakers
  125. 25% discount coupon on magnaflow exhaust cat systems
  126. I want to buy Injen and throttle body
  127. For sale or want to trade 4G69 Throttle Body
  128. I want to buy please let me use aux !
  129. I want to buy Trim / Emblem Adhesive
  130. I am selling 18" Tires *Like New*
  131. I want to buy Tein S Springs and a Cold Air Intake (V6 Manual)
  132. I am selling Eibach Camber kit 5.81280
  133. I want to buy Fujita CAI, and some used tires
  134. FS: Stereo installation kit (DIN), harness, JVC head unit
  135. I am selling Alpine Amplifiers
  136. AEM cold air intake V6, man. trans.
  137. I am selling Misc Parts
  138. FS: Weapon R Secret Weapon Intake 4cyl
  139. I am selling TeamMitsu decals
  140. I want to buy WTB: CF Hood
  141. Stock rims
  142. I am selling 07 Stock Headlights and Taillights
  143. WTB: Door handle Cover
  144. wtb nitrous kit
  145. LTB: Gauge pod
  146. I am selling OEM 4G69 GS Exhaust Manifold
  147. I am selling FS: SOHC stuff
  148. I want to trade clean chrome projectors for black oem headlights
  149. I want to buy Cold Air or Short Ram Intake for 2.4l GS
  150. I want to buy Seat wiring harnesses for GT seats.
  151. I am selling fogs, eyelids and wheel spring cleaning sale.
  152. I want to buy Hood
  153. WTB black fuel door and black fog light housing
  154. For sale or want to trade Have iPod cable, need AUX cable
  155. I am selling Aem fic (no harness)
  156. I want to buy WTB: Harnesses, Interior Pieces and others....
  157. FS: Neo Titanium Weapon R
  158. I want to buy OEM tail lights GT
  159. I am selling Weapon R SRI
  160. WTB GS stock exhaust downpipe
  161. I want to buy Custom Y-Pipe
  162. I want to buy New or like new convertible top that will fit an 07 Spyder
  163. 17" Goodyear EAGLE GT Tires (225/50R-17) & Konig Swurve Wheels (5x114.3)
  164. I want to buy Bolt-on lambo vertical door kit
  165. For sale or want to trade Stock GT Air Box & Muffler
  166. I am selling 2006-2008 eclipse 5piece aero kit brand new
  167. I want to buy Factory headlights for an 06 gs
  168. I want to trade Fujita F5 for Factory intake GS
  169. I am selling 5piece aero kit brand new
  170. WTB: Foglight Control Module
  171. FS: Tein S-techs
  172. wtb ripp stage one
  173. I want to buy Local 09-12 Oem front bumper
  174. I want to buy GT 18" Wheel Center Caps
  175. I want to buy or trade for 18 inch GT wheels.
  176. I am selling 4G69 RPW Stage 1 Camshaft and 63mm Throttle Body (TB)
  177. I want to buy WTB: GT TB, GS stock headers, Headlights, RRE pulley
  178. I want to buy 09+ OEM headlights
  179. I want to buy RRE GT Headers
  180. WTB RRE GS Headers
  181. For sale or want to trade parts for sale
  182. Air filter box
  183. I am selling S Techs
  184. I am selling 16x8 rims
  185. anyone need work done to there cars Long island area
  186. WTB: 6G75 Fuel Injectors
  187. I want to buy Magazines that have 4G Eclipse in them
  188. I want to buy OEM leather 6 speed shift knob
  189. I am selling 06-08 rear bumper
  190. WTB: carbon fiber hood
  191. I am selling K20z civic si engine, manifold, header, exedy stage 2 clutch
  192. I want to buy Right Rear Tailight
  193. I want to buy Brembo Calipers
  194. I want to buy GS short shifter (any brand)
  195. I am selling OEM Aero Kit parts
  196. I want to buy Struts and Springs! LOWAAA
  197. I want to buy oem exhaust manifold, do not care if cats are good or not. or a set of short RREs
  198. I am selling Cargo carpet mat for sub
  199. I am selling 440cc high impedance injectors $185
  200. I want to buy OEM RF 6 disk CD changer
  201. I want to trade Aem wideband
  202. I am selling FS HKS circle earth ground kit
  203. I want to buy 25 or 27 mm wheel spacers
  204. I want to buy Coilovers for a 07 GT
  205. I am selling 24mm sway bar bushings - 2 pair
  206. For sale or want to trade NY: Ripp Mods Supplementary Injection System
  207. I want to buy hks oil cap.
  208. I want to buy RRE Underdrive Pulley
  209. I want to buy Stock suspension
  210. FS: OEM 06 Headlights (with headlight bulb)
  211. Subs and amp
  212. I am selling Outlaw upper intake Plenum spacer (v6)
  213. I want to buy wtb: gs carbon fiber engine cover
  214. Looking to buy carbon fiber hood
  215. I am selling 18" Wheels, Assorted body kit & Fenders
  216. I am selling Brand New SICKSPEED Oil Catch Can and 4G69 Throttle Body
  217. I am selling FS All My Upgrades Most Nib
  218. I am selling eyelids, seatbelt and 7 inches radio adapter
  219. For sale or want to trade Stock Springs
  220. Brand new GT spec dual mass aluminum flywheel
  221. For sale or want to trade 15mm spacers and extended lugs wtt/fs
  222. Fs/wtt: I have a pair of projector eyelids that I'm looking to trade or sell
  223. WTB 4g69 tb!!
  224. I want to buy Stock Tail Lights
  225. I am selling Stock Taillights and eclipse GT V6 lettering
  226. I am selling Carbon fiber engine bay cover
  227. Rota G-Force 18x9s
  228. I am selling Bunch of parts
  229. I want to trade Double din radio
  230. I am selling Fs: Lots for Goodies, check it out!
  231. I want to buy stock gs header
  232. I am selling Retractable License Plate
  233. I want to buy projector style eyelids
  234. I am selling NIB Luk Flywheel and Clutch kit for 4G Eclipse GT
  235. I am selling Stock GT Exhaust Manifolds, GS and GT Wheels
  236. I am selling 4g69 GS Throttle Body
  237. I am selling OEM headlights + OEM tailights
  238. FS: Upper Intake Plenum and Lower Intake Manifold
  239. I want to buy Cargo Net/Cargo Cover
  240. FS: 04+ Eclipse 4G69 Wavetrac LSD
  241. I am selling rotora rear caliper kit
  242. I am selling a few things
  243. I am selling rotora front caliper kit
  244. For sale or want to trade Tanabe under brace/magnaflow resonator
  245. I am selling Intercooler setup 4g gt supercharged
  246. I want to buy S-tech springs
  247. looking for brembo
  248. FS: Freshly Rebuilt RIPP Supercharger
  249. I want to buy Wtb: obx long tubes!!
  250. I want to buy the window scoops