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: Do It Yourself Guides (Howto)

  1. HOW TO: Replace Timing Belt/Water Pump 6G75/Eclipse GT
  2. How to: Tighten Handbrake Cable
  3. **Do not wear rings while working on electronics!**
  4. Ticking noise around intake manifold
  5. Technical writeup Mitsubishi Installation Instructions for Cabin Filter
  6. Technical writeup Mitsubishi Installation Instructions for iPod Adapter
  7. Technical writeup SE Front Lip Installation
  8. Did these mods or an idiot kill my engine?
  9. How To Guide Reinforce your interior door handles
  10. DIY ATF Flush - video
  11. How-To: F5M42 Manual Transmission Disassembly/Assembly
  12. Help! Drl delete made headlights stop working.
  13. How To Guide Homemade AUX audio cable install
  14. Help check engine light
  15. How to: B&M Trans Filter ATX
  16. How To Guide Replace Door Lock Actuator
  17. How To Guide 3rd brake light assembly replacement
  18. How To Guide Interior trunk release
  19. How To Guide Order Pistons - What you need to know
  20. Video Real cf video guides
  21. How To Guide LED shift knob
  22. How do you change airbag cover for steering wheel
  23. How To Guide Retrofitting OEM reflector headlights. (and a quick HID lesson)
  24. How To Guide How Too Daytime running halos/ foglight harness bypass
  25. How To Guide How-to vinyl wrap the roof of a 4G with sunroof
  26. How To Guide Oil based dipping interior parts
  27. How To Guide Paint your bumper at home
  28. How To Guide How To Remove And Open Stock Gauge Display
  29. Clutch and Flywheel
  30. How Too MIVEC Indicator Light
  31. How To Guide HOW TO: Paint Rotors
  32. Spec D halo HID light install issues
  33. Adjusting projector headlights?
  34. How To Guide Thread repair on brembo caliper
  35. How to Change Timing Belt on a GS Video's
  36. Link Lost & Found "How-To/"DIY" Threads Here!
  37. How To: Help our C4G Members Out
  38. 2006+ Eclipse Factory Service Manual