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: 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)

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  1. Speedometer Problem
  2. Selma The Woman in Black 2 Angel of Death
  3. Time for a new Car of the Month
  4. Cost of an eclipse in your area / What did you pay?
  5. Buy your tires at walmart!
  6. Project: Carbon-Fiber wrapping dash. Does anyone have exact measurements for all dash pieces.
  7. P&P Remote Start
  8. Into The Woods Unbroken The Interview
  9. Help with codes
  10. I have a question If The Pyramid
  11. I have a question New Projector Headlights, housing retainer?
  12. Need sum help
  13. gas type
  14. help with possible 2007 SE purchase
  15. Just both 2006 gt
  16. Taillight covers? GTR?
  17. Headers vs gutted manifolds
  18. My 4G eclipse
  19. Dead Battery jumpers in trunk!
  20. Another "Lost my key" thread!
  21. What to do now? Drag strip!!
  22. Spyder trunk lid
  23. Project: 06 gt supercharger
  24. Totaled my 4g, Question about the title
  25. any members in lynchburg, VA.
  26. s-tech problems?
  27. Project: Dashboard computer for 4G. AFR / FUEL TRIMS
  28. Tires
  29. Ideas & Prioritization?
  30. Does Anyone Else Have These???
  31. Starter issue
  32. got my self a supercharger ...help ?
  33. Megan EZ street coilover help!
  34. I have a question Brake caliper covers
  35. I have a question anybody have green pearl paint job and made it look cool?
  36. Found a scanner to reset airbag light
  37. Low passenger seat
  38. Question: 3M 1080 or Dinoc?
  39. I have a question looking to find value of my wheels
  40. I have a question Burnt out headlight bulb... What is the brightest replacement?
  41. Advice on purchasing.
  42. Help me prioritize!
  43. Tein S-tech can I do it?
  44. Reverse camera hookup, now getting code P1751 for AT relay, where is it? 09 Eclipse
  45. Added weight from power seats?
  46. quick question
  47. I have a question Interested in purchasing 06 Eclipse GT
  48. Reading VIN For Options
  49. Purchase advice on miles
  50. I have a question Wanting to get schooled on an 06 eclipse gs sport
  51. I have a question Condensation drain tube, where is it?
  52. Have you seen...?
  53. manual shift console
  54. I have a question Sunvisors cross compatible?
  55. Looking to purchase a 4G at auction, any tips?
  56. I have a question Installing a bike rack
  57. Clutch problems
  58. Harness bar EBAY
  59. 2.4 mitsubishi engine valve cover
  60. How to program a new key fob explained
  61. I have a question Mitsubishi Eclipse 2008 Remote programming Please HELP
  62. 07 gs
  63. Tein S-tech ebay?
  64. Problems finding accessories delivered to Canada
  65. Going to get a 4g
  66. From Plano to Galveston (Texas)
  67. How to Replace Front sway Bar ..
  68. Dealer's "certified pre-owned vehicle" inspection report
  69. Alternate Stereo for AUX
  70. bogging out?
  71. Gutting cats soon, Cheapest o2 sensor spacers?
  72. Eibach pro kit question
  73. High output alternator
  74. XADO Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum
  75. I have a question Cheap and easy front bumper mod?
  76. Injen Exhaust
  77. last payment and this happens...
  78. coilover kit
  79. coilovers
  80. taillight, headlight, break Light and fogs
  81. Key/doors/alarm?
  82. Fog Light question
  83. Found Someone
  84. I have a question Air Vent
  85. Looking to buy str turbo manifold
  86. I have a question Got a question about ac recharge. Please help :)p
  87. What your Eclipse could look like.
  88. Ever regret getting a manual transmission ?
  89. 09 Eclipse item appraisals
  90. Oil Pressure Sensor and Mishimoto Compatibility
  91. Which HID kit to buy?
  92. Cup holder slider problem...
  93. Leaving the Eclipse scene
  94. Seat Heater Element Replacement
  95. Looking to buy a 4g Eclipse. Need some input.
  96. 4g owners opinion request
  97. New 2011 Eclipse Owner Looking For Advice
  98. Sponcers??
  99. 06 Eclipse GS. 170k. Auto transmission. Need Help
  100. Fitting s-techs onto stock struts
  101. transmission problem
  102. Window tinting help
  103. While everybody deleting the rear seats im actually in need!!
  104. Rear Seat Delete plans/help
  105. How to fix sun-damaged paint? Help
  106. Fuel Pump Stainer Issue
  107. eyelids
  108. How To Guide How do i change the m/t shifter cable?
  109. South Cali Car meets
  110. I have a question Which timing belt to go with....
  111. help finding part
  112. My New 2011 White Eclipse Photo..!!
  113. GS vs GT, PLEASE HELP!
  114. Halo headlight problems
  115. eclipse 2008 front bumper lip
  116. iPhone 5 cable for RF system
  117. Sickspeed or Hellatones?
  118. I have a question 06 gt aux
  119. towing in my 4g
  120. NorCal Tint Shop
  121. Looking for new Projector Headlights for my 2011 Eclipse
  122. Has anyone actually installed an O2 spacer on that rear bank 1 sensor for P0421 code?
  123. Gutting HEaders
  124. Eclipses you look up to?
  125. Slow start/ laggin.
  126. I have a question Aftermarket subwoofers, eliminating the RF?
  127. Eclipse GT 6-speed 1/4 Mile Time?
  128. I have a question 4G69 vs 4G63
  129. Recently bought an 06 eclipse gt, oil predicament
  130. Which springs should i use..
  131. Shifting gear issues
  132. Headlights and air intake
  133. Check Engine light, kiiling my mpg
  134. chirping noise
  135. Good buy?
  136. Push-to-start?
  137. 20" rims
  138. my car died while driving and wont start help?
  139. Launching
  140. Top Speed Pro 1 Performance Axle Back
  141. Just curious...
  142. Gas door swap
  143. not really feeling the gains
  144. Project: 09-12 Front Grill Mods???
  145. over rev?
  146. I'm BACK with my NEW 2nd ECLIPSE...!! AWESOME..!!
  147. Back says GT engine says GS Ha.
  148. ignition wires
  149. Where to buy bumper clips
  150. Evo 8 power steering reservoir
  151. I have a question Where to install CAT back in Houston area?
  152. Car Cover
  153. HELP: 4g Engine swap
  154. Man down!
  155. how dissever gearknob?????
  156. Project: color change
  157. Ulta-Gauge
  158. Just Figured It Out
  159. looking for gs turbo manifold
  160. 2008 Eclipse NEED HELP
  161. fabricating my own mini mesh grille...tips?
  162. I have a question Eclipse GS turbo or supercharger?
  163. looking for a full hose kit for a 4g engine but can't find one
  164. I have a question Help
  165. filter question
  166. Found Bike Rack that Works!!!!
  167. engine bay color ideas/opinions
  168. Are my halos working properly?
  169. Mesh grill, stock bumper advice
  170. tanabe strut bar
  171. Help, quick question
  172. 2012 Styling?
  173. I have a question 2009 factory HID lights are very dim
  174. where OBD2 ?????
  175. Halo/projector install
  176. Lowering springs help
  177. 2006 gs LED interior lighting probs
  178. How To Guide how to strip your car,for Quarter mile event
  179. Passenger door child safety lock?
  180. Problem with Crows?
  181. first day for street drag racing (testing day)
  182. New guy need alot of help..
  183. Trading her in Monday
  184. What is your favorite YEAR Eclipse?
  185. Its Christmas!!!
  186. What is your favorite modification?
  187. I have a question alot of questions in one thread
  188. I have a question Wrong VIN on my eclipse ?
  189. I have a question Where can I locate the ECU ?
  190. I have a question NEED HELP!!! KW coilovers installation
  191. If your eclipse gets wrecked will you get another?
  192. Where can I get 06 - 08 front bumper?
  193. AutoCityImports bumper question.
  194. AC panel from GS into the GT?
  195. outlaw engineering
  196. Who is at fault... My baby got hurt :(
  197. Pt
  198. Do you like your paint color?
  199. How prepared is your Baby?
  200. Rev limiter disable ? at Texas?
  201. valve clearance
  202. Getting a US spoiler to Europe??
  203. experience clunks after lowering?
  204. Anyone have pics of the 2009+ Aero Kit?
  205. Fork in the road: to mod or not to mod
  206. Technical writeup List of evo x parts that fit
  207. Stock Exhuast/AEM SRI (Video)
  208. Transmission not going into reverse
  209. I have a question racing harness bar
  210. Noise when shifting into 3rd
  211. I have a question Weird part.
  212. Yet another thread about gas... but not what you think!!
  213. RRE headers
  214. fixing a 2008 gs
  215. wheel's oem nut size
  216. Optional,Impact tool for lowering spring
  217. I have a question Hatch pops by itself (on its own)
  218. aftermarket exhaust suggestions?
  219. aftermarket exhaust suggestions?
  220. Why aren't 4G's majorly popular?
  221. New Plugs... What Else to Maintain?
  222. New here, need help sourcing a part
  223. Orginal Battery finally died
  224. Door pull
  225. I have a question Question of the day
  226. AEM Cold Air Intake Alignment Problem
  227. I have a question Intake Resonator
  228. I have a question Would this harness setup work?
  229. Tx2k14 anyone?
  230. I have a question 06 eclipse?s
  231. Gear shift indicator light
  232. dealer screwed me-help
  233. I have a question (Error Code) 2007 Galant GTS 3.8l(Non-Mivec)
  234. HELP! Window stuck down
  235. I have a question Help with drivers side door hinge
  236. Goodbye 4g
  237. Catalatic Converter Warranty Extended
  238. very confused about hids in my 2012
  239. Alignment Question (Lowering Springs)
  240. 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT convertible
  241. I'm PISSEDD!!!
  242. Aux cable?
  243. I have a question paint job
  244. HKS air intake fuel compressor worth a buy?
  245. I'm thinking about getting a 2007 GT.
  246. Vinyl stripe sticker on SE 4g...
  247. balance shaft
  248. I have a question Coolant reservoir dip stick?
  249. direct rador hardwire question
  250. selling these fine products