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  1. The problem with the roof
  2. Possibility of Sticky Threads with most common torque specs etc..
  3. I have a question Long time no Talk! miss you guys! need help choosing new body kit!
  4. Does 2009 rear spoiler fits 2007
  5. Headlights Stuck On
  6. Do these cars have a hidden menu/features
  7. Thinking about getting a 4g
  8. Louisiana
  9. Shifting into 1st while slightly reversing
  10. help, advice...please
  11. Speedo displaying 20% low
  12. I have a question What is this?
  13. I have a question How do you tell if the clutch is burnt or if I'm haveing a hydraulic problem
  14. Couple of questions/concerns from a Newbie
  15. I have a question DESPERATE FOR HELP NEW OWNER OF A 4g eclipse gt clutch stopped working
  16. How To Guide Remove the switch plate speaker grille
  17. Gear light
  18. I have a question Seat Covers for 4g Eclipse
  19. 02 Sensor help needed
  20. I have a question Duraflex Body Kits
  21. Help with changing low beam bulb on projector headlights
  22. How to read O2 sensors
  23. 08 Mitsubishi eclipse 4G 2.4L standard Mods advice
  24. Question about interior detailing
  25. I have a question Where can I get this part for a reasonable amount of shipping?
  26. How can I fix this myself
  27. Spoiler or No Spoiler?
  28. Oil pressure switch location
  29. I have a question Aftermarket Rollover Protection / Roll Bar
  30. 2006 Eclips GS Hood Needed
  31. Need advice on how to fix seals on top of 2008 Eclipse SE
  32. Dash removal
  33. Headliner wiring removal
  34. Advice on 60K Service Needed
  35. Advice on what to do with the 2007
  36. juat joined, and already a legit question!
  37. I have a question What coolant do I need to buy?
  38. Rotella oil
  39. Clicking noise when driving - Need input!
  40. I have a question What do I need to have done for maintenance?
  41. I have a question Oil Leak I think
  42. hi where i can buy eyelid style ralliart ?
  43. Selling OBX Headers LT mixed with Injen Catback
  44. Dual exhaust on 4clyn
  45. Where does this thing go?
  46. In need of exhaust
  47. Metallic Silver Eclipse 4G, i'm not sure...
  48. What clutch kit to get for a good price?
  49. Eclipse 4G, GS or GT? (Canīt decide)
  50. Cool mods!!!!
  51. Broke my only key off
  52. Rivet replacements
  53. What needs to be done?
  54. Eclipse gt oil issue
  55. What shift knobs fit the gt?
  56. I have a question NEED 4g 3.8L supercharger
  57. I have a question 2009 Spyder GT HID bulb SPRING
  58. OEM bumper cover VS aftermarket opinions
  59. Timing Belt Questions.
  60. GS transmission Oil Seals
  61. Eclipse Cargo Cover
  62. Oil leak?
  63. 3g eclipse or 4g eclipse
  64. I have a question Motor Mount Bolts
  65. Review 4-1 Stainless Racing Headers
  66. Need help with underglow
  67. Quit while i'm ahead- bye Mitsubishi
  68. In dash Clock Setup?
  69. I have a question GS 4.2L Transmission Seals
  70. STOCK ride New Rims
  71. 2.4L Flywheel Replacement
  72. 2011 GT, Top Tonneau sensor replacement?
  73. Canadian 4G's
  74. hvac controls
  75. Transmission swap
  76. Club Meet
  77. I have a question 07 eclipse spoiler
  78. Engine noise
  79. P0335 p0340
  80. Knocking and rough idle
  81. how to replace ac discharge hose
  82. Can anyone tell me what these sensors are?
  83. Review 4-1 stainless exhaust headers. ebay
  84. Rally Armor Mudflaps
  85. Exaust system
  86. If you were to spend ~$700 what would you spend it on
  87. Crank but no start help
  88. Gt timing belt sos
  89. 2" Wheel Spacers?
  90. Noob with Exhaust questions
  91. Ralliart Eyelids ACI
  92. Need a tune
  93. RRE headers needed
  94. 09 eclipse gt 3.8l auto help
  95. Stock air filter
  96. Looking for front badge
  97. airbag light
  98. hit a deer :(
  99. How much oil does your engine consume?
  100. Are projector style eyelids removable?
  101. Trusted websites
  102. I have a question Stock Rear Seat??
  103. Taillight painting
  104. Video DIY: Fluid replacement LOL
  105. I have a question 2007 Eclipse 2.4L 4G69 Engine
  106. Look what i got in the mail today :) hint: RRE
  107. 2007 spyder, recirc button sticker
  108. Magnaflow Muffler
  109. I have a question Unable to use iPod
  110. Homemade car ramps due to car being low.
  111. Help on information
  112. I have a question Calling all engine builders
  113. Eyebrows and Fangs
  114. Help with color code
  115. Exhaust Setup
  116. Badge issue on rear of my GT Spyder
  117. Where can I source 6g75 mivec exhaust flanges?
  118. I have a question Appraisal Question: What is a reasonable price for my Eclipse?
  119. 2008 Convertible top issues
  120. Weird Dashboard Issue?
  121. timing belt
  122. Custom 2009 Dual Exhaust Results! [Video]
  123. Need black leather seats
  124. ECU Flash/Piggy back vs New Catback?
  125. Different cai question
  126. 4G sticker
  127. fuse plug problem
  128. I have a question head gasket
  129. Car is down but maybe not out
  130. 2006 Mitsubishi Eclispe GY
  131. Watch out for deer
  132. I have a question looking for a remote start.
  133. Lips / Skirt Kits for 09
  134. I have a question need opinions plz
  135. Help With Buying Stainless Steel for Custom Exhaust
  136. Idiot move need help
  137. I have a question Serpentine Belt Issues
  138. Headers installed. New mods to come
  139. Code p2197
  140. Looks like the car is no more
  141. Manual eclipse help!!!
  142. OEM Headers
  143. Help on new nose ... :-(
  144. I have a question Transaxle mount??
  145. Suggestions needed!
  146. Input needed
  147. I have a question Phantom oil burning.
  148. No start need help!
  149. Refrigeration mod?
  150. Clutch act and flywheel
  151. Torque on bolts
  152. Opinion for hoods
  153. Master cylinder failure
  154. Headers and codes
  155. Rspec carbon fiber hood
  156. Hood
  157. 2009 Bumper Black Center Question
  158. GT Stock Air Filter Installation Tips
  159. HID's or LED's?
  160. Timing belt
  161. Technical writeup Apple iPhone 6s plus 64GB & Canon-EOS 5D Mark III DSLR Camera with 24-70mm For Sale
  162. 2.0 spring
  163. Timing belt help
  164. Help finding a part for bumper
  165. Turbo kit
  166. Spark Plugs
  167. Srs light
  168. Where to get M03 paint
  169. Music (Stereo) Issue
  170. What if, mid engine?
  171. Stock spoiler
  172. Engine knock
  173. Spoiled my '11 GT
  174. Project: Rear strut removal
  175. Project: GT RRE Headers
  176. e brake always lose
  177. Car wont start. No compression after oil change!
  178. RRE Headers
  179. I have a question Random thought
  180. Front Lip
  181. Interior lights for review mirror
  182. 2006 eclipse gs
  183. Any of you older guys remember these?
  184. Fuel Door
  185. Headlight buzzing noise
  186. eliminate wheel gap without lowering
  187. Car hit me...
  188. Black housing OEM Projecters
  189. RIPP Supercharger
  190. 2011 gt
  191. I have a question 2012 Eclipse aftermarket parts?
  192. Baking Projectors
  193. My Rims are now Platsi Dip Blaze Blue :) Bye Bye Lime Green
  194. Am I wrong? Key fob switcheroo by oil change place...
  195. I have a question 2006 eclipse GT 02 question
  196. Clock spring replacement
  197. New bumper?? (fuck new years)
  198. Recent pics of my 4G
  199. Reading the service manual- can't figure this out
  200. I have a question Took apart the transmission F5M42 [06 eclipse GS]
  201. What weight oil do you run?
  202. I have a question Need help to find hood cover part
  203. Chrismas Eve and i am outside washing my car in a T shirtlol
  204. What should I do to my car next?
  205. Endeavor swap?
  206. Just moved in to town.
  207. Halos
  208. I have a question ls1 swap for an 06 gt?
  209. Road Race Dual Axel Back Exhaust 2009 Eclipse GT
  210. Has cap gone
  211. blue bulbs for 08 eclipse stock?
  212. 2009 GT Exhaust
  213. How To Guide Clock / Stereo Light Fix
  214. Axle Bind with Coilovers
  215. My 2007 eclipse work with power seat?
  216. 07 Not throwing codes...help
  217. Checking In
  218. I have a question 2007 Eclipse GT Window Regulator Replacement?
  219. I have a question 07 Eclipse Fuel Pump Relay
  220. How much would an engine swap cost
  221. Show me your Eclipse 4G :)
  222. Upgrading to a GT
  223. I have a question Smells like my freon is leaking into the cabin.
  224. What is this?
  225. Key no longer working
  226. Dual exhaust cat back question!
  227. Intake Install
  228. Where can I get stock GTP wheels??
  229. Megan EZ Street Coilovers
  230. Obx racing header o2 sensor positioning.
  231. passenger side axle issuse
  232. Is there a certain FIC i need?
  233. Dumb Questions About 09 GT Exhausts...
  234. 2011 eclipse lip
  235. Throttle body spacer kit for 06 gt
  236. Will a 2006 gt throttle body fit my 2011 eclipse?
  237. Halo Headlight question
  238. could someone tell me what this is
  239. Need help
  240. Change the red demon to white?
  241. Cons of under drive pulley?
  242. change rear strut mounts
  243. Front Bumper cover
  244. Auto trans output shaft seal PART NUMBER?
  245. How long will the gt last?
  246. Bronze wheels and orange paint?
  247. New to 4g and new owner of 2011 gs eclipse! Read and reply!
  248. Blown CV Joint Boot
  249. 4g supercharger kit
  250. I have a question 2006 Eclipse Problems