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  1. I have a question Just bought an 06 GT and I have some questions about interior lighting and stereos
  2. I have a question Leds that turn on and off with Dome and Map lights.
  3. 2 subs/1 amp
  4. Door speakers & Subwoofers cut out
  5. No sound from door speakers
  6. No Power to Stereo and Clock
  7. I have a question What are some good LED tail light blinker bulbs?
  8. 2003 Eclipse
  9. Replacing head unit sub and amp
  10. 2006 GT with Rockford Fosgate stereo
  11. Aftermarket headlights thin layer of plastic chipping off ....
  12. I have a question New led headlights
  13. Connect fogs to low beams
  14. How To : Steering Wheel Control for chinese headunit w/ built-in SWC wire/support!
  15. need pictures of factory headlight wiring and colors
  16. I have a question LED h11
  17. Customizable Headlight kits?
  18. Help/Advice installing aftermarket radio
  19. Rear 6.25 speaker replacement for Rockford Fosgate system
  20. Wiring harness for stereo
  21. I have a question Converting turn signals into running lights/turn signals
  22. I have a question [HELP] Using line out converter to connect subs to amp
  23. Too much power to LEDs?
  24. Headlights for a 2011
  25. Eclipse GS Rockford fosgate 10" sub idea
  26. I have a question ideas on how to run 4 1/0 power cables
  27. Rear bulb harness
  28. I have a question Do I Have Daytime Running Lights - 2012 Spyder GS
  29. Retrofitting OEM Headlights
  30. Best fog lamps?
  31. I have a question 2012 GS HID Install
  32. 2006 RF amp wiring ?
  33. what kind of headlights are on this eclipse
  34. Turn signal wire?
  35. Big interior custom project
  36. How to wire factory speakers
  37. I have a question Blown driver side door speaker, need help replacing, but I'm low on money
  38. Disable courtesy lights?
  39. Safe weekend
  40. Eclipse 144db
  41. Small led lights on halo headlights?
  42. how to install new amp and sub aand factory amp and sub ???
  43. Replacement sub specs?
  44. Updating Sirius to SirusXM on 2008 Spyder
  45. Audio Question - 2009 Eclipse GS
  46. Stereo help
  47. Trunk Carpet Make a Difference?
  48. Audio decks compatible with stock 9 speaker system
  49. Sound proofing
  50. Eclipse rf factory speakers
  51. Galant fog lights
  52. Tail light out
  53. SubWoofer HELP
  54. Bypass harness/audio help!
  55. Headlights and audio help
  56. Halo Fog lights Relay?
  57. Brighter halos on the projector headlights?
  58. obd2 no power and all the inside fuses no power
  59. I have a question Is there anywhere i can get the clips for the center radio thing
  60. I have a question Headlight Covers
  61. Halos and HIDs
  62. My HIDs arent amazing
  63. RF System
  64. Installed AUX
  65. I have a question What are the lights on the rear of the car in order?
  66. I have a question Rockford Fosgate sound system
  67. Help!
  68. Adding to the Rockford Fosgate system
  69. Stock Radio Face functions
  70. Stock RF Sub Issue!
  71. Hids from auto city imports
  72. Hella Installation
  73. Replacement sub for eclipse
  74. I have a question 12V power outlet not working
  75. Subs!
  76. Interior lighting
  77. Projector Setup
  78. OEM headlamp assembly part number confusion
  79. series amplifier install?
  80. Will my stereo still power tweeters?
  81. I Need Help
  82. oem satellite receiver
  83. I have a question aftermarket head unit
  84. Aftermarket Halo Projector headlights, looking to retrofit good oem projector that wi
  85. Current build
  86. headlamp bulbs
  87. Project: Need an accessory switch for lights
  88. HID vs LED
  89. Technical writeup Everything You Need To Know About Soldering Vs Crimping
  90. I have a question '09 Eclipse Speaker size w/ Rockford Fosgate
  91. Dimension's of metra vs scosche kits?
  92. Subwoofer and stock head unit?
  93. Hatch Light
  94. DIY headunit install, help with prep
  95. Led help
  96. Phone icon
  97. Hid kit help
  98. I have a question Replacing my Head Unit
  99. most recomended HID kit?
  100. Noico 80 mil sound deadening
  101. Aftermarket stereo
  102. Side marker Flashers?
  103. What speakers to get?
  104. Rockford fosgate p165-s with stock amp?
  105. Tail light bulbs?
  106. Recommended amp for component speakers
  107. I have a question Question #112389345 Regarding Halos...
  108. wear noise after install aftermarket audio??
  109. I have a question pioneer FH-X720BT install?
  110. Tail Light Red Ring No longer Working
  111. Complete noob here. Adding additional sub and or amp? Keeping the old ones too?
  112. Smoked Headlights vs. Black Headlights
  113. Custom Subwoofer Box Questions
  114. Sound quality of AUX cord in factory HeadUnit
  115. I have a question testing HID bulbs and ballasts
  116. HID quick questions
  117. HID lighting (opt7 specific)
  118. Need help with AVH-P4000DVD head unit.
  119. I have a question Single or Double Din Receiver - Which One Under $175.00 ?
  120. Picture guide for replacing *back seat* speakers
  121. Games Console ???
  122. Total Audio Noob, I want to instal an Aux input at the least.
  123. Need power source only on when door opens
  124. Upgrade amp and adding sup....?...
  125. Need help on how to hide or secured aftermarket headunit car deck
  126. Audiophiles: please help
  127. Stock radio, auxiliary working but sub not?
  128. I have a question Which lights manufacturere is best
  129. I have a question Which headlights manufacturer is best?
  130. Bulb under Stereo
  131. Mito-01 / Buzzy front speaker sound
  132. OEM Tails vs. LED Tails
  133. I have a question Silver 4G's with Halo Projector Headlights
  134. Retrofitted Headlights/Custom Taillights
  135. underglow help
  136. I'd like to learn about the e com error
  137. Boyo VTL275HDL Back up Camera Installed!
  138. About to install load resistors for LED tails...
  139. radio and ac lights question
  140. 2009 eclipse with projector headlights and HID kit problem
  141. Light under the radio?
  142. 2006 to 2009 radio upgrade
  143. Interior Lighting Questions
  144. KID Kit
  145. Subwoofer Question
  146. Oem Hid plastic lense cover Vs Oem Halogen Plastic lense cover
  147. wiring harness for aftermarket radio
  148. I have a question Amp e com on RF audio system -- (Stock system)
  149. custom sub box for eclipse: (photo)
  150. Pioneer AVH-4000NEX Installed!
  151. Interiors off with trunk open
  152. Stock sound system aux?
  153. How To Guide Dim that f*$&ing high beam indicator
  154. Projector headlight LED failure
  155. I have a question Bypass AMP on RF System?
  156. How to replace rear speakers in 2012 GS?
  157. I have a question Replace broken fog light
  158. I have a question Replacing HID Bulbs?
  159. I have a question New HIDs but still same problem
  160. I have a question Drl? Bulb? Hid?
  161. aftermarket LED passenger taillight not working when running and headlights are on
  162. Replacement HID Ballast Suggestions?
  163. I have a question Broken Headlight
  164. I have a question Problems with the sound system 2006 gs
  165. New polk audios 6.5 inch rear speakers
  166. Mito-01 Setting for amp and front speakers
  167. 2 question on stock hid headlights
  168. I have a question Audio system seems like it has decibel loss
  169. glossy or flat black projectors
  170. Pioneer stereo deck
  171. cross overs for the tweets RF premium
  172. Rearview Mirror Switched/Ground
  173. Anyone have aftermarket SiriusXM radio installed..?
  174. preparing to install a system...
  175. Help with Projectors and HIDs
  176. I have a question LED engine bay/underhood lighting kit
  177. Fog Lights
  178. Pioneer AVH-X5600BHS Install
  179. LED tail LIght Break light not working...
  180. HID fogs light tap to headlight? blow fuse.. so what should i do?
  181. Got projectors second hand and put a HID kit in... I can't see much in the dark :(
  182. Fog Lights as Side Lights
  183. HID headlights
  184. Replace the stock sub? Or go with a bass tube?
  185. projectors installation
  186. Which is the Fuse/wires for Dome light or Map lights?
  187. Which is the Fuse for Dome light?
  188. Aftermarket LED tail light possible?
  189. Mito-1 WITHOUT Rockford
  190. How to Replace Rearview Mirror lights?
  191. Bulb size for aftermarket Fog ACI?
  192. Very Nood question..
  193. I have a question Aux Cable help!!!!
  194. Adding fans to amp and new sub question.
  195. Playing ipod through stock stereo
  196. I have a question HID installaion guide? I need help
  197. 15 amp fuse for radio
  198. Is the Mito-01 absolutely necessary?
  199. I have a question factory crossover on rockford system
  200. Installing an AUX or USB cable
  201. I have a question How to change H1 bulb in Projector headlights?
  202. doOR SPEAKER help ASAP!!
  203. I have a question aftermarket radio equipment
  204. Trunk light issue
  205. alternator output
  206. no hi-beams
  207. stock speakers noise
  208. New inverter wiring for ccfl halos
  209. LED switchbacks/turn signals
  210. Wiring issue with my new ebay projector headlights?
  211. License plate lights
  212. New headlight bulb help!
  213. Someone installed Pioneer AVH-X8500BHS in a 06 GT ?
  214. Aftermarket audio question
  215. I have a question How to fix wire that came out of stock harness plus a mito question
  216. Headlamp Identification Help?
  217. Adding another 10' stock sub
  218. I have a question Help with head unit install
  219. I have a question Harness Wiring...
  220. Can I use these for a retrofit?
  221. I have a question OEM headlights which 1
  222. No 12v outlet power after headunit install
  223. I have a question OEM HID lights
  224. Aftermarket radio question
  225. Prides custom headlights
  226. Aftermarket projector headlight cover
  227. Ignition Wiring Diagram?
  228. I have a question Stock radio
  229. Info for radio!
  230. New double din - no wire adapter harness - please help!!
  231. Ladies and Gentlemen--I have solved the e-comm error!
  232. License plate light
  233. Unidentified switch in dash of new car?
  234. Halo Project headlight adjust
  235. Dash bezel
  236. Choose different radio frequencies?
  237. Question
  238. I have a question Car radio/MP3 changer code
  239. Fog Light Bezel
  240. Building an aux cable?
  241. full audio visual build
  242. I have a question Rear right interior panel removal
  243. My Review of the Rockford Fosgate Audio system
  244. Do I have the premium system kinda?
  245. I have a question Power of light
  246. ordering led lights
  247. Troubleshooting Audio Issue
  248. I have a question Fog light
  249. zxe head light bulbs
  250. anyone a fire fighter?