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  1. I have a question Hood venting
  2. Where to buy gaskets?
  3. ***UPDATED*** Club member's 1/4 mile ET
  4. Stayer. Pistons.
  5. Hydroshield for a SRI??
  6. 5 SPEED AT AWD NON AWD Eclipse 4G69 !
  7. Stayer Tune Review
  8. Stayer. Header
  9. DC Sports cold air intake small Problems
  10. in search of proper GT exhaust note
  11. DC or Injen?
  12. Technical writeup DC CAI "Low End Torque" losses and Solutions !!
  13. Frankenstein found! Under my hood 4g64 block and 4g69 components on my 07
  14. Eclipse performance
  15. Average Header Gasket Life
  16. Downpipe replacement?
  17. Thrush/Vibrant Resonator??
  18. I have a question Evolution Chip for Eclipse V6 2006 > !!
  19. RRE Header or Magnaflow Exhaust
  20. Interesting idea
  21. Adjustable or aftermarket pedals?
  22. Question: tuners near Chattanooga Tennessee?
  23. RRE UDP In stock?
  24. I have a question Can someone post a installation tutorial for RRE axle back exhaust
  25. Rf sound system in 4g eclipse
  26. DC CAI install/retarded shift time?
  27. What should I do now?
  28. 2007 eclipse GS alternator
  29. Eclipse trunk lip
  30. 6G75 6G72 5 speed AT Tranny AWD !
  31. k&N OR INJEN??
  32. Any muffler delete drone removal solutions?
  33. Stock intake vs. aem cai
  34. Turbo for eclipse gs
  35. Transmission question
  36. Rear break pads
  37. 2007 GS Cai / throttle body
  38. 02 spacer sensor !!
  39. RRE Headers vs Gutted Headers
  40. CryO2 Air Intake Chiller
  41. Floodlight Intake
  42. Help my car is falling on its face
  43. Eclipse gs performance difference
  44. Obx headers
  45. Cold air intake question
  46. Possibly good new for GT owners!!!
  47. Lowering question
  48. Loss of power
  49. DC Sports CAI w/ fog lights
  50. Bouncy ride in rear
  51. Ralco 5 vs. 6 speed STS
  52. Eclipse gs shocks?
  53. Intake AT/MT differences
  54. 08 gs performance
  55. Lowering my eclipse
  56. hey guys/gals
  57. Oil and temperature gauges
  58. 2007 eclipse gs throttle body spacer
  59. GS full bolt on hp?
  60. Need a opinion
  61. Beginner Question's
  62. Intake Manifold Boring
  63. New EPA Proposal
  64. Performance shops in pa?
  65. BrianJ FIC harness instructions?
  66. Few Concerns Regarding Headers and Exhaust Size
  67. Looking to install a short ram intake
  68. Still need parts
  69. I have a question body panel weight reduction
  70. Lowering my 2007 gs
  71. intercooler piping
  72. Exhausts vs Mufflers
  73. Eclipse gs exhaust
  74. O2 Sensor Spacig help
  75. I have a question 6g75 to 6g72 motor swap
  76. lowing and performance for a 07 gs ecplise
  77. Difference between Ralco & TWM STS
  78. 6G75 stroker crank!
  79. Transmission question
  80. Rear 2011spoiler removed
  81. My 2007 se lost power
  82. Longer winding sounding delayed start
  83. 2007 eclipse she want to add turbo
  84. I have a question Cold Air Intake Question!
  85. Cold Air Intake Question!
  86. New to 4g and new owner of a 2011 gs eclipse! Read and reply!
  87. Need a new engine what should i swap with
  88. Not sure if my mivec is always working
  89. Valves?
  90. I have a question Swapping ECU's
  91. Air intake on 2007 eclipse se
  92. Review T3/T4 Turbocharger Turbine Inlet Gasket
  93. Review Connecting Rods for Mitsubishi 6G72 3000GT
  94. Timing belt question
  95. Rebuild
  96. TB By-Pass Helper
  97. Track setup?
  98. What to do next??
  99. Dynoed and happy but skeptical about results
  100. Please help
  101. 3 angle valve job
  102. Injen Muffler?
  103. Aero Turbine Exhaust 2540i?
  104. I have a question More HP
  105. Engine mounts to eliminate kick during shifts
  106. Turbo Build
  107. Performance need help ASAP
  108. not sure what to do with the duty cycle air valve after CAI install
  109. Low RPM rattle/jingle under the car
  110. I have a question Muffler change 2009 GT
  111. 6g74 manifolds?
  112. Where can i get a standard size aluminum udp?
  113. Rear rattle (not the subwoofer)
  114. Outlaw spacer kit, where can i find?
  115. help installing my Ripp supercharger kit
  116. performance parts for gt
  117. I have a question Eclipse tuner shop in Cincinnati area/Ohio
  118. Best CAI?
  119. Cai how to
  120. Long Shot
  121. Project Luna , need some help
  122. Free Pulstar Spark Plugs! (and more free stuff)
  123. duty cycle air valve
  124. custom catback exhaust questions
  125. Clutch upgrade 117,000 miles
  126. Advice On What To Do Next
  127. I have a question Buy 2 Get 1 Free Apple iphone 5S 32GB........$500 including shipping
  128. Good preformance Exhaust without fart sound
  129. I have a question More Power
  130. I have a question Turbo Kit on GS
  131. I have a question Piston talk
  132. which bearing manufacture do you reccomend?
  133. thoughts on these tb's
  134. Ultimate Metal Coating- MICROBLUE RACING.COM
  135. Question: What exactly is full bolt-on?
  136. 3.0L Engine Swap into 2.4L 2003
  137. installing obx headers
  138. I have a question Installing a 5 channel amp and sub woofers to my aftermarket head unit.
  139. I have a question fender liner clips part number? replacement
  140. 2.4L Engine Mod Tips?
  141. New Reflash Getting started early
  142. Deal from THmotorsports and RRE for Injen CAI, MF CAT back and CM Clutch FX 350
  143. I have a question CAI illustration
  144. Oil Change after seafoam?
  145. Injen exhaust installed
  146. Headers or gutted cats?
  147. HKS Hi-Power + Magnaflow Catback?
  148. I have a question speed festival around the corner , speed limit ?
  149. I have a question DC Cai with bypass valve
  150. Technical writeup Help please! !!!!!
  151. I have a question Wheels
  152. How does your eclipse handle in the snow ?
  153. Nos
  154. T3/T4 Garrett 60 trim turbo
  155. Fujita Intakes
  156. Replacement struts
  157. hks axel back
  158. I have a question CAI intake differences
  159. I have a question Has anyone cut down pedals or found direct fit smaller pedals?
  160. CAI requirements
  161. oiless turbo's
  162. Weapon R Dragon Ram Air Kit II
  163. PNP intake manifold
  164. I have a question Oem black hood
  165. Tein s-techs good idea or no?
  166. I have a question Any good come from mass airflow adapter?
  167. Silicone air intake hose
  168. Silicone hose intake + drop in filters
  169. Drive cycle on our 4g gt?
  170. Jiffylube guy cleared my code now no idea how long to reappear?
  171. custom exhaust
  172. Just wanted to take a minute to say thanks
  173. nitrous on a 6spd
  174. CAI vs SRI-my take
  175. mods for 11 gs where to buy
  176. making my gt faster, cheaper
  177. How To Guide Increased MPG, Engine Longevity, Max Performance
  178. GS 0-60 and 1/4 times WHAT?!
  179. HELP with Energy Suspension Bushing
  180. I have a question Eibach Vs Progress Rear Sway Bar
  181. Best turbo size for a GT?
  182. FS: Magnaflow Muffler
  183. gs to gt swap
  184. I have a question Car "cuts out"
  185. please help me finish filling out the Mahle custom piston order form
  186. Tranny cooler
  187. camshafts
  188. gt stiffy
  189. GT Spark Plug Gapping
  190. Performance help
  191. Donor car needed for R&D @ HPS
  192. horsepower range
  193. I have a question Exhaust
  194. mirage 6g75
  195. o2 spacer preference
  196. Dyno correction factors and Relative horsepower
  197. jet hot coating
  198. Eclipse GS after mods expected HP rating
  199. Jet Hot Coat or thermal wrap? Need some advice
  200. Upgrades
  201. I have a question 2006 Eclipse heat shield
  202. Help! O2 sensor 1.3V
  203. Synthetic Oil: Castrol GTX vs Kendall GT-1
  204. 06 Mitsubishi Eclipse Electrical Problems
  205. I have a question Cold Air Intake for 2007 Eclipse GS Manual
  206. possible new turbo application?
  207. Impact to stock axel-back exhaust?
  208. I have a question Will this fit as a resonator?
  209. Eclipse GS Turbo
  210. Did I just Super Fail
  211. will an evo 8/9 head fit the 4G69 engine?
  212. Does anyone here have a flowmaster super 44?
  213. RRE Axle Back Exhaust vs MagnaFlow Cat Back
  214. 6G75 piston help!
  215. underpulley tentioner
  216. Why?!
  217. I have a question CAI Info. please help out a noob...
  218. I have a question I want more rev happy
  219. Spec d CAI opinions
  220. true dual exhaust
  221. MD reflash from Mike for GS
  222. Help! Check engine light from TB bypass??
  223. Whats the best option for spark plugs for the GT?
  224. Need some opinions
  225. Video Injen 3" exhaust
  226. I have a question Filter Design Styles, Which is Best?
  227. Project: Im anew Owner of a Eclipse 06 Gt - want to make it fast
  228. I have a question VELOCITY STACK's???
  229. Anyone use this cat back exhaust?
  230. Intake Resonators - what do they really do?
  231. Cams Cams Cams
  232. Help for a newbie
  233. HeadersVs Headers
  234. Wow Big Improvement..
  235. I have a question Why is mivec set so high?
  236. I have a question Factory rebored tb's???
  237. question!
  238. 6g74 and 6g75 MIVEC comparison
  239. Good sounding exhaust?
  240. Exhaust Manifold Heat Wrap
  241. Megan racing exhaust
  242. Fujita CAI + factory fog lights
  243. Help!! Fujita cai filter
  244. What are some simple and cheap mods to do?
  245. I have a question Intake Socks Real Or Fake?
  246. Dyno results
  247. I have a question If you were to use race fuel in your Eclipse, would it damage anything?
  248. Review Bomz Racing Air Intake
  249. I have a question is it possible to use an Eclipse GT exhaust intead of a GS exhaust system?
  250. STIFFY question