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  1. 6-Speed Transmission Install Help
  2. Can an Automatic 4g be tuned?
  3. I have a question When to buy what
  4. Stock intake system vs aftermarket CAI
  5. Eibach struts bought separately?
  6. Cams, boost, performance
  7. Viper 5906
  8. O2 sensor question Bank 1 Sensor 1
  9. Timing belt a tooth off and P0335 P0340?
  10. CV axle passenger side
  11. Header + Exhaust for 6G75 !!
  12. I have a question Car won't start after transmission work
  13. Manual trans compatible with the 3.8 4g?
  14. Rear mount turbo question
  15. How many lifters
  16. I have a question RRE headers for GT
  17. Can you add piping to sri to make cai?
  18. Super GT races?
  19. Oil Filter Housing
  20. Megan oe-rs Cat-Back
  21. 06 GS TCL install
  22. How To: Fix the P0401 Code and EGR tube for OBX Headers
  23. Question
  24. I have a question 17inch wheels on GT-P
  25. I have a question Timing Belt Replacement GT
  26. I have a question Eclipse Gt or Se
  27. I have a question Compatability parts
  28. Timing Belt Kit - Which to buy?
  29. Anybody run copper plugs in there car?
  30. I have a question Spark plug oil
  31. How much value is there REALLY in the TB coolant bypass.
  32. What are the best fluids for our cars?
  33. Turbo GT
  34. Question about caliper guide pins.
  35. I have a question 2007 GT - P0421 Rough Idle/Slight Rumble/Chug
  36. Magnaflow catback w/cat delete
  37. Help!!!!Power steering belt tensioner problem
  38. Odd starting issue
  39. Eclipse suspension problem
  40. Fuel pressure valve
  41. Wanted GT flywheel stock or aftermarket
  42. Fog light rewire
  43. Cylinder 3 misfire P0303
  44. Premium gas or 100% gas ??
  45. Starter wont engage flywheel
  46. Throttle sticking?
  47. P037 and P0051 codes will not go away, inspection is due!!
  48. tune-up/spark plug change
  49. Shift Knob
  50. Timing belt issue
  51. New to the 4G club
  52. P0172
  53. 07 GT Mod Question
  54. Help - Where Does This Sensor Go?
  55. My driving style/hazards?
  56. No Crank No Start GT
  57. MiVEC Solenoid Assembly (06-07)
  58. 2007 dual exhaust
  59. How to create a build thread
  60. P0152 o2 sensor code.
  61. One last trip to the track tonight (10/23/15) was fun!
  62. My first 1/4 mile run with my eclipse lastnight (10-16-15)
  63. Who makes the factory struts?
  64. Suggested mileage on new oil
  65. Oil-Change Idiots and Your TCL Light
  66. Odd noise with cold start
  67. Timing belt...
  68. What is the exhaust pipe size
  69. Question on best way to sell this
  70. I have a question Oil system "PSI"
  71. First stock part Togo, when to much boost or spray? and d&d goo!!
  72. I have a question Common problems
  73. I have a question Oil Accumulator
  74. Buying a GT
  75. Anyone else running aftermarket valve springs??
  76. Slave Cylinder Adapter Replacement
  77. Can't get rear exhaust!
  78. What is this for and is it important?
  79. Bad cats on a gt
  80. Need help! Weird rattling noise
  81. ADVANCED Hydraulic Lifter Cleaning
  82. My timing belt/water pump change Experience
  83. I have a question Tanabe Front Strut Tower Bar Compatibility
  84. Dyno tuning
  85. Cometic headgasket pricing
  86. Manual to Automatic Swap
  87. Turbo gt
  88. Cold Air Intake back to Stock, help
  89. P0420 Cat warmup temp below efficiency.
  90. Ripp supercharger trouble
  91. Gt washer mod
  92. Injen CAI on the GT with A/T question
  93. More sensor confusion...
  94. Eclipse GTP
  95. how to tear apart steering column
  96. Project: Engine rebuild 6g75, 06 GT.
  97. Recommended STS
  98. Hydraulics on Eclipse
  99. Performance programmer?
  100. Skirt opinions
  101. Electric Power Steering Conversion? (just hypothesizing)
  102. will i drive myself nuts with a set of obx headers? info please!
  103. How To Guide Easy rear exhaust manifold removal!
  104. 2007 eclipse gt rim help
  105. I have a question K&N Intake
  106. Best time belt water pump kit ?
  107. Just bought '08 GT
  108. Where to buy legit OBX Headers
  109. carbon fiber parts heaver than fiber glass ?
  110. does this ECU look burned to you?
  111. easiest and cheapest way in fixing my exhaust!
  112. Big Problems... So i think
  113. I baby my car thread
  114. Nitrous Kits?
  115. Car wont start need help !!
  116. looking to buy hks miffler
  117. OBX Headers?
  118. I have a question Sad face panda bear =( Possible bad engine
  119. I have a question Wouldn't this fit the gt as well?????
  120. Car turned off while driving after CAI installed
  121. Valve spring options for Turbocharged Build
  122. ricer exhaust
  123. Low oil level between changes
  124. eBay exhaust relisted???
  125. I have a question Cruise Control!?
  126. Timing marks on 3.8
  127. turbo manifold question
  128. Old member looking for his old GT (That he would like to buy back.:( )
  129. Dumb play or doable? - Timing Belt/Pump Replacement
  130. I have a question HKS Hi-Power or Greddy RS muffler
  131. I have a question 06 Eclipse GT timing belt kit
  132. I have a question Timing 3.8 no start
  133. I have a question timing 3.8
  134. installed obx, cant start car
  135. I have a question Help with mods
  136. I have a question Aluminum Radiator
  137. Stock GT Muffler
  138. Mivec
  139. Gt e85
  140. 4G license plate bracket
  141. Power loss
  142. 2 tone plasti dipped rims. work in progress
  143. Telling if Timing Belt Was Replaced
  144. P0421 Help :c
  145. Brake issues
  146. I have a question injen exhaust on RRE headers
  147. I have a question Aftrer market valve workorder/part #'s
  148. OBX Header
  149. Looking to finance a 4g Eclipse. Need some input.
  150. grease smell
  151. long tube o2 harness extension
  152. I have a question Need High Flow Cat Size
  153. Stock RF radio black round plug??
  154. 300hp?
  155. I have a question how many of you have a built engine?
  156. Car wraps
  157. balancing factor
  158. 06 gt laid up since January, won't start
  159. I have a question What Headers (brand) can I install in my 07 4G GT Eclipse?
  160. O2 Sensor confusion!
  161. Red RTV silicone on the rear O2 sensor instead of a spacer for P0421
  162. Anyone tried lacquer thinner to clean cat and beat P0421?
  163. 2008 eclipse gtp air intake/exhaust issue
  164. I have a question Pre-Bent Exhaust Piping
  165. First oil change for my eclipse
  166. Converting cai to short ram
  167. balance shaft belt
  168. o2 spacer question?
  169. What???
  170. Clutch
  171. Reprogramming GT
  172. I have a question That wire replaced to fix the P0037 error?
  173. Headers and noise.
  174. Fuel system upgrade questions
  175. Good Mufflers
  176. Intake Plenum Port
  177. I have a question Anyone know the measurements of the cylinder head
  178. AHH. Starting issue.
  179. Timing question
  180. Exhaust help
  181. Straight pipe
  182. TB inlet size ?
  183. Things to get before the header install
  184. ls2 swap in eclipse gt?
  185. 07 eclipse gs fuel relay location
  186. Ralliartfront bumper
  187. Looking for oem/factory muffler *asap*
  188. Greddy Evo2 Exhaust
  189. Tachometer Completely dead? HELP :/
  190. I know this has been asked...Tcl not working
  191. I have a question Bolts for factory intake
  192. power lossage
  193. I have a question Can manual trans break pedal be used on auto?
  194. Help on head reinstall
  195. Mitsubishi Car Clubs
  196. Crankshaft Pulley Bolt Removal GT
  197. 06-07 vs 08-12 Cylinder Heads
  198. Drilling out RRE L spacers
  199. I have a question So I have to pull my motor...
  200. I have a question what headers should i go for if i want my front cat removed?
  201. I have a question Flywheel for Automatic Tranny & Starter
  202. Cheapest place to buy small quantities of paint.
  203. 3000gt aftermarket headers: will they fit?
  204. I have a question Block heater on 2009 Eclipse
  205. P0037-u1073... Solution????
  206. Immobilizer was set off
  207. Import Tuner hates 4G
  208. I have a question motor mount
  209. Stock Intake Istallation
  210. Gaskets?
  211. I have a question Best motor oil in my eclipse gt 06???
  212. Project: Oem double amps and double subs maybe more to come.
  213. I have a question Code PO421
  214. I have a question 2011 GT real custom dual exhaust
  215. I have a question p0037 - downstream o2 sensor replacement help
  216. Seat Heater Element Replacement
  217. I have a question Looking for Dual Custom Exhaust
  218. OBX header install
  219. super charger
  220. Timing belt reminder
  221. RRE Headers + Custom Dual Exhause
  222. Speedo sensor gear
  223. GT Intake hose upgrade
  224. Eclipse 4g Sportronic 5 Speed 6 Speef Transmission
  225. Clutch questions
  226. 07 gs in osprey, FL junkyard
  227. Sparkplug Placement
  228. I have a question who has experience with CP pistons?
  229. Lightweight UDP
  230. REDUCING power via programmer/tuner??????
  231. Catback exhaust super loud??
  232. Motor Jerking
  233. Injen CAI installation
  234. I have a question TB BYPASS with oem intake?
  235. Car burning off oil like crazy
  236. Video of Aeroturbine Muffler installed with OBX Longtubes, TOO LOUD!
  237. 6g72 turbos????
  238. ne know what this part is and what it does?
  239. I have a question Help installing AEM one GT
  240. I have a question Installing CAI
  241. Rats got o2 wires, replaced them, now p0300
  242. I have a question Need links to performance parts
  243. GT Magnaflow Exhaust question
  244. 100k tune up
  245. Review UVtune software / fuel octane recomendation
  246. magnaflow high flow cat
  247. Ceramic coating cold air intake
  248. aem wideband locayipn U
  249. Low pitch grinding when Reverse / Drive
  250. MIVEC Cam Base circles