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: Car Care and Detailing (Shine)

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  32. I have a question How to fix vents? And clean sunroof slide door cover?
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  36. Dri Wash n' Guard
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  43. Decided to clean her up some
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  45. How I pamper my sweetheart...
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  47. I have a question Are the head and taillights plastic or glass?
  48. Debadged :)
  49. I have a question Whats a Decent Car Cover?
  50. Carbon fiber sun fade :(
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  58. How often do you wash your car?
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  70. finally found some good fabric cleaner
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  78. Not a 4G but WAY cool.
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  114. Just Washed :)
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  116. cleaning terra cotta interiors?
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  124. Debadge
  125. Pin Stripping
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  129. Have any autobody/paint or detail questions? well im your man!
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  148. DP Gel Wheel Cleaner and DP Wheel Glaze
  149. Foam Gun and DP Xtreme Foam Formula Auto Shampoo (Lots of Pics)
  150. AG Foam Cannon, DP Xtreme Foam Formula Auto Shampoo, DP Rinseless Wash and Gloss
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  158. i knew this would happen to me first.
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  175. 25% COUPON at
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  177. Leather cleaner
  178. Front Seat material????
  179. Exhaust Tip
  180. Best way to deal with a scratch?
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  182. What do you use to dry?
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  185. Mothers
  186. Bubbling Clear Coat
  187. Fixing projectors peeling but.............
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  202. how
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