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  1. Potential Development: Paddle Shifters
  2. Possible to build a tractix cable?
  3. Best , cheapest way to tune car for performance, mpg, ses codes ?
  4. Live Tuning in next FastWorks release
  5. ODD2 to tablet
  6. Latest FastWorks Reflash R&D
  7. Wideband Install
  8. Possible to close windows with remote?
  9. Review Stayer Tune Review
  10. Help with backup camera
  11. Battery and alternator upgrade
  12. Voltage drop
  13. I have a question Radio/Clock display only half-working. Repair or replace?
  14. Sunroof won't open after LED install
  15. I have a question Custom gauge cluster face plates
  16. rockford fosgate radio always in programming mode
  17. Review FastWorks vs Merlin vs Stayer Tune Comparison
  18. Passenger seat belt light always on
  19. FI/C to PC Connection Problem
  20. HID woes
  21. Broke my ecu? :c
  22. Check engine. After AEM intake install
  23. Disable Anti Theft
  24. Disabling Steering Wheel Lock
  25. Dick Move!
  26. Innovative Performance Chip
  27. FastWorks 2016 yearly sale coming up
  28. Wingo's Tuning/Reflash Support for the 4G GT & GS!
  29. Wiring harness
  30. 2006 Eclipse 2.4l
  31. 2006 Eclipse Antenna
  32. tuning software
  33. Crank but wont start!!! After ECU remove.
  34. o2 disable and other code "fast works"
  35. Knock Data Needed, Please
  36. E Errror on dash screen
  37. Battery power gauge?
  38. EvoScan on my GT
  39. URGENT: EcuFlash problem
  40. Tractrick 2.0 2006 GT
  41. No response from ECU?
  42. Fastworks ECU Upgrade Yearly Sale
  43. Door lock actuator
  44. car not running right. aem fic
  45. FastWorks Updates
  46. I have a question Mass Air Flow Sensor
  47. Project: 2008 Eclipse GS builds muscules and ECUflash Reflashing !!!
  48. I have a question Alarm system help
  49. Gauge pod wireing?
  50. Beware of cloned Tactrix cables
  51. ***Questions Regarding ECU Flash & F/IC***
  52. SPDi EVOX at Kaizen Tuning
  53. any detailed diagram for FIC6
  54. I have a question 3.8 valve lash
  55. Raizin Spark Type S VS-S Ignition Voltage Stabilizer
  56. Wanted pics of fuses/fuse box
  57. My crap won't start
  58. Torque app?
  59. I have a question Ground wire (driver side) speaker /power mirrors location(s)
  60. Any starter maps for a little better MPG and a few ponies?
  61. Help with ECUflash
  62. 03 Eclipse GTS 3.8 MIVEC SWAP .... help needed
  63. xXxclusivemotorsportsxXx Merlin Reflash
  64. Elm Bluetooth obd-II reader
  65. universal standalone
  66. I have a question Help. I can not find a topic by tyunengu headlights.
  67. Digital Speedometer to MPH
  68. Pivot Mega Raizin
  69. Project: Galant ES Tune
  70. technical question
  71. I have a question Prosport Evo series AFR install
  72. someone help lol
  73. I have a question Key replacement buttons?
  74. FastWorks Pleased to Announce Spring Sale
  75. MMCFLASH Full Support Team
  76. I have a question Which Battery To Get?
  77. I Been MMCFlashed! - (6G75) - My Experience Thus Far
  78. Moving the Drama
  79. New features being developed
  80. Megasquirt
  81. I have a question E85
  82. I have a question Code P0151
  83. help with scaling injectors and basic aem fic maps
  84. obd2 bluetooth reader?
  85. gs ecu same as evo x?
  86. Project: Need Everyone's Help With New Reflash!!
  87. odometer data
  88. Tuning in South FL...
  89. Report Stayer. Reflash 4G69.
  90. I have a question ObdII tuner ??? Real or scam??
  91. Cheap reflash cable...
  92. I have a question Do I need adapter for tactrix ?
  93. New reflash !!!
  94. Tactrix needs help: Which 4G Eclipse don't work with EcuFlash alone?
  95. I have a question Tuning software.
  96. programmer vs tune
  97. looking for stock ROM ID B6240036
  98. I have a question 2009 GS tuning
  99. No Response from PCM
  100. Cobb accessport
  101. Tuning/wideband/O2
  102. FIC tuning GS
  103. Aem Wideband Compatible
  104. Custom Tunes in Edmonton, August 9th & 10th.
  105. Fic
  106. I have a question Vacuum gauge on GS
  107. which gauges for racing.
  108. Review Finally getting a tune
  109. UV Tune file loading error
  110. UEGO with UVTune
  111. I have a question 87 octane tune
  112. need help tuning a 2008gt 3.8
  113. I have a question ark RST Installation
  114. Remember the G tech?
  115. launch control
  116. uvtune: wideband datalog
  117. Check engine removal with FIC?
  118. tuning with uvtune
  119. TPMS Light
  120. I have a question No memory ,
  121. AEM FIC problems
  122. UEGO Mounting Location
  123. I have a question Factory wiring
  124. Radio issue...
  125. I have a question Where to Weld Wideband Bung
  126. My imagination?
  127. New Throttle Body
  128. AEM F/IC question
  129. Official GT v6 3.8 6g75 fic maps
  130. secondary fuel
  131. ECU Tune Question
  132. for the love of god please help. FIC GS on a GT
  133. Help!!! I need fic wiring install schematic / diagram
  134. Battery completely dead
  135. I have a question widrband o2 controller
  136. I have a question Need Stereo help (Mito, iphone charging and more.) Write ups a big plus!!
  137. I have a question Grounding kit questions
  138. speedo and speedo connector
  139. its my bday so help me
  140. Torque App
  141. I have a question Window switch schematic?
  142. I have a question Nitrous gauge install question
  143. Full Standalone
  144. I have a question problem after replacing stereo
  145. FIC Runs with bypass but car wont crank with map loaded. HALP
  146. Radio convertion
  147. Anyone have factory MAF ID size?
  148. I have a question wiring help
  149. Bypass plug FIC
  150. Virtual dyno
  151. error P2252. need to replace 02 or just use AEM?
  152. ECU Pin removal Help
  153. 6G75 swap, tuning issues
  154. I have a question reflash options?
  155. Where can I buy a brain j fic harness
  156. I have a question Quick fic install question
  157. Relay Placement
  158. black aftermarket leds installed pics
  159. I have a question Is this a good setup for fuel line
  160. fic o2 connections
  161. I have a question Aem fic
  162. Scan Gauge II Help!
  163. I have a question Any Free Or Cheap OBD II reader Apps For Iphone?
  164. Eclipse Performance Reflashes
  165. mmcflash problem
  166. LED Load equalizers not working???
  167. nitrous switches inquiry
  168. UltraGauge EM v1.2
  169. Running radar detector wires: 1st Dome Lite and Driver side Pillar removal
  170. Heater Assembly
  171. I have a question Could A Tune Get Rid of Ecom ?
  172. Switch suggestions
  173. I have a question Where can I find a 350z style guage pod for my Eclipse?
  174. New tuning program?
  175. I have a question Why do my rpms and acceleration dramatically drop during full throttle?
  176. I have a question Is the UVTune worth it?
  177. software for immobilizer disable
  178. Aem FIC
  179. tuning questions
  180. I have a question What are the causes of a lean idle?
  181. I have a question MPG gauge
  182. Another Tuning Option I'm Told
  183. I have a question How do you install a tachometer or shift light?
  184. Immobilizer, ECUflash, and Me
  185. Charm city tuning
  186. Could it be as simple as a ground????
  187. FIC installed but throwing codes. Help!
  188. Aem fic
  189. I have a question Extending o2 sensor wires the old way .
  190. Reflash
  191. I have a question 2008 mitsubishi eclipse MAF wiring diagram
  192. Aem f/ic
  193. Aftermarket Headlights
  194. aftermarket radio problem
  195. VERUS scanner+data readings+MPG report
  196. Which Gauges?
  197. fic setup help
  198. UV Tune?
  199. HELP! with glowshift air fuel guage
  200. switched 12v light/powersource
  201. Replacing aux port
  202. gauge wires problemshooting???
  203. oil pressure gauge help!!!
  204. Are Prosport Gauges any good?
  205. cant find gauge pods!?
  206. Rockford fosgate sub in a non Rockford setup?
  207. Aeroforce Interceptor gauge/scanner
  208. OBD-II pids and torque for android
  209. Is this really a wideband gauge?
  210. video of 2step with ecu flash
  211. cmgs methanol kit
  212. megasquirt running ms2 firmware
  213. DIY aux cord help.
  214. Need help - black euro led tail light
  215. Tactrix Cable - Community Use & Borrow Sign-up Thread
  216. NEW Jet Chips Tuner for 4g!!???
  217. (Tuning) Can anyone help with this?
  218. Calling 2008 GT Automatic Cars
  219. Has anyone tried this?
  220. Having an electrical issue.
  221. Help diagnosing a problem
  222. Eclipse4G Tuning Realtime Chat Group
  223. fog light wiring harness
  224. Temp reader?
  225. Stayer ECU Reflash Review
  226. tactrix 2.0 info
  227. FiC 4G69 Wire Diagram
  228. In need of help guy?
  229. Interest thread: cpu controller
  230. Changing Computer for turbo
  231. possible brianj tune for free
  232. Pittsburgh Trip
  233. Gf Chip?
  234. On the dyno right now!
  235. Quick FIC Question
  236. ECU Reflash in Russia.
  237. Where is Purge valve solenoid?
  238. Vibration
  239. Problem Facing With Multimedia Nav.
  240. Radio Problems
  241. Which Fic Model?
  242. closed loop mystery, this makes no sense!!!
  243. Replacing RF front speakers tutorial (lots of pics)
  244. AEM F/IC Install Help
  245. 12v in center console
  246. FIC wiring GT
  247. AEM FIC original harness
  248. Amperage
  249. help installing aem fic harness
  250. Vaporizing Fuel instead...