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: 4G Eclipse GS/SE Specific

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  1. automatic transmission power limit?
  2. DIY Throttle Body Spacer
  3. Manual Trans fluid change on a 06 Eclipse.
  4. Manifold and TB spacers
  5. whats the difference between a GS and Spyder? GS exhaust
  6. Cranks- No Spark, No injector pluse, No codes
  7. GS Engine Swap
  8. Car doesnt fire up after rebuild
  9. Valve Cover Bolt Torque?
  10. Cusco Strut Tower Bar
  11. That Perfect Sound...
  12. I have a question Battery
  13. 2.5" catback woth stock resonator?
  14. How much power can you squeeze out of a 4 cylinder?
  15. How To Guide Dual Exhaust
  16. What is that whirring noise
  17. I have a question Remote start
  18. EGR Wiring Issue
  19. I have a question Timing Belt Stripped Teeth
  20. Side mirror change closer forward
  21. Gauge Install Help
  22. I have a question Oil change
  23. Gs to Gt Tb swap difference
  24. Full bolt on eclipse vs stock
  25. Magnaflow 20+ HP/TQ gain??
  26. Oem tailights for sale
  27. Engine noise
  28. Axle-back vs Cat-back
  29. RPM Shudder/ oil in spark plugs, oil light flash
  30. Broke timing belt and issues
  31. Car Radio Trouble 2007 eclipse gs
  32. DNA Motoring Header PSA
  33. I have a question HID's in after market headlights
  34. I have a question Tailight problems
  35. I have a question Exhaust Sound
  36. I have a question Vinyl Overlay's
  37. Weapon R- Dragon Cold Air Intake
  38. Header issue
  39. Cai
  40. I have a question Manual Transmission Fluid Change?
  41. DNA Motor Headers Issue
  42. Will this throttle body work?
  43. Oil light issue need help trying to determine what's causing it
  44. Stayer. Porting the cylinder head. Stage 4.
  45. RRE UDP + AC delete
  46. Wreck
  47. Megan Racing Or Custom Exhaust
  48. Hello Need Some Help
  49. how to remove headlight assembly
  50. Stayer. Camshaft kit 4G69.
  51. Good exhaust?
  52. 2008 loud metallic noise from radiator area/ smoke
  53. I have a question Leaking sound after longtube header install
  54. RRE Headers and OBDII Emissions test
  55. Engine Knock Options
  56. I have a question Wheel bearings
  57. I have a question Throttle Body Question
  58. Staring to mod
  59. Turbo for gs 2.4
  60. Problem putting in 1st gear.
  61. Stayer. Lightweight crankshaft pulley.
  62. strange noise from transmission AUTOMATIC
  63. Torque specifications
  64. Installing Oil Pan...help Please!
  65. Assistance will be appreciated.
  66. New Poly Motor Mounts and Bad Vibrations
  67. I have a question 2012 Eclipse full cold air intake
  68. Gs bracket diagram for gt "stiffy"
  69. Maintenance Questions
  70. I have a question Magnaflow High Flow Cat, is it worth it?
  71. lowing,cool air intake,exhaust
  72. Exhaust
  73. with Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs can i get over speed bumps
  74. RRM 4G69 Turbo Manifold will it fit
  75. 2008 eclipse gs trunk/ doors wont open, sat for 2 years.. help
  76. New to 4g and new owner of a 2011 gs eclipse! Read and reply!
  77. Arp head bolts torque
  78. Cold Air Intakes/short ram intakes
  79. I have a question Overheating after CAI install
  80. is a 2.5" drop on 18's to much?
  81. I have a question I want to buy a cheap odb scanner
  82. I have a question Headliner Customization Question
  83. Single Turbocharger?
  84. has anyone changed the gear ratios?
  85. My ride
  86. 4 burned voltage regulators. need help
  87. Fog lights
  88. Cant Find Parts
  89. Why is RRE's axle back so cheap?
  90. Temp rises during idle
  91. Code p0335 crankshaft position sensor
  92. Cooling system
  93. I have a question DIY colder air
  94. IAT Sensor Issues
  95. Stock vs Injen intake times!
  96. Removing Rear Roll Stopper
  97. Anyone ever dyno to see HP in low RPMs with no AC vs full blasting AC?
  98. Injen CAI questions
  99. Stumped :(
  100. Problem with rre underdrive pulley
  101. Tactrix openport 2.0
  102. Intake manifold spacer in throttle body spacer
  103. CAI Close Call
  104. Cold air intake cover
  105. Rpw header
  106. would aEclipse Talon AWD Rear Carrier Differential Subframe Sub Frame 2g GSX TSI fit
  107. will a 06-08 bumper fit my 2012 GS??
  108. Aggressive sounding Exhaust For A GS
  109. '08 Eclipse, 2.4L O2 Sensor(s) Location(s)
  110. What Engine (All Mitsubishi cars) Will Fit in the GS?
  111. DC Sports CAI w/ Injen Hydro-shield
  112. Hidden Nitrous Bottle in Center Console
  113. Need website help 07 gs
  114. P0603 SES Code
  115. I have a question RRE UDP and Upgraded Flywheel Combo
  116. 2012 parts?
  117. Radio isn't working
  118. Mitsubishi Eclipse 2006 GS Manual Transmission
  119. automatic transmission problem 07 eclipse
  120. I have a question Lowering question.
  121. Project: 2011 DC Sports CAI with fog lights
  122. I have a question Transmission Cooler Question
  123. check engine light came on with low profile tires
  124. Oil Catch Can question...
  125. I have a question Which Headers?
  126. Clinging engine noise
  127. 4g69 oil pump
  128. Engine Swap 6G72 or 4B11T opinions
  129. bet glue for reinstall the projector headlight ..
  130. DC Sport Intake on 2012
  131. Resonator delete with no other mods
  132. Costom header from stock
  133. Please help -top stuck
  134. Big Problems... So i think
  135. Dual cold air intake
  136. Evo X TB on a GS
  137. I have a question MagnaFlow Catalytic Converter
  138. What CAI for auto GS
  139. TB spacer fit on 4g eclipse
  140. Engine Swap
  141. Throttle body
  142. Timing Belt/Chain?
  143. K&N Cai on a 2011 2.4L manual
  144. Tuning
  145. Air filter?!
  146. DC Sports CAI Install Issue
  147. I have a question Battery/alternator/starting question
  148. 2010 GS Traction Control but no switch
  149. I have a question Diameters inner and outer for coil springs??
  150. How do I program a transponder key to my 07 eclipse se
  151. TPS only reading 87%....
  152. Clutch Paddle Feel Light ..
  153. I have a question Gs to bored out GT throttle body
  154. 07 Mits. Eclipse GS pass side running LED tail lights not working
  155. Dumb play or doable? - Timing Belt/Pump Replacement
  156. Help wit tein s tech install
  157. fs: rare opportunity, gs rre header group buy
  158. Po 404 code
  159. Help !!! Need Checkpoints body (geometry).
  160. need to cut gt tb tab?
  161. I need help
  162. Rough Idle?
  163. 07 Eclipse Aero Kit, Rims and Wing
  164. I have a question Where to find TB and Intake Spacers
  165. I have a question 235/45r18 fit 18x10.5 +20mm
  166. I have a question ECM upgrade
  167. Simple Transmission Swap Question
  168. I-J Crank Scraper Installation
  169. OBX Headder
  170. I have a question Help Finding Oil Drain Plug
  171. I have a question TPM Sensor - New Wheels
  172. denso IK20 #5304 work on 06 gs?
  173. Camshaft
  174. Magnaflow catback isn't loud enough
  175. Water in AC Blower Motor Compartment
  176. which to buy
  177. 2007 mitsu eclipse gs auto work
  178. Low Oil Pressure Light fml
  179. Playing ipod through stock stereo
  180. I have a question Transmission filter or flush???
  181. I have a question Exhaust question
  182. o.O
  183. a/c delete. power gains?
  184. TB Spacer
  185. Massive oil leak (timing mark oil pump)
  186. Build my own SRI
  187. I have a question Keep Megan or go with Magnaflow?
  188. HELP: Reset power window "auto up" function
  189. help. problem after mods
  190. 2.4l automatic transmission upgrades?
  191. interesting exhaust mod
  192. my project
  193. GT TB swap
  194. Bell Housing?
  195. I have a question GT TB on GS
  196. I have a question Low Idle ?
  197. Power steering delete?
  198. parts on the way! can i just put....
  199. WHat else can I do? Mods
  200. I have a question Performance gains from CAI,TB Bypass, Axle-back only
  201. 06 gs nitrous question
  202. Question: Catback Exhaust
  203. D2 coilovers (need advise on rims n tires)
  204. Lean Spike "Nitrous"
  205. I have a question Header Flange Prints
  206. Realistic gains from CAI + TB bypass + tune
  207. road race timing box
  208. RRE Headers or gutted cats?
  209. I have a question Passenger Side Motor Mount
  210. PLEASE HELP!!, nothing works.
  211. I have a question Turbo Build Help
  212. RRE short tube headers (gs for sale) only 2400 miles on them
  213. check engien light on ,,,
  214. I have a question gs rpw stage 3 cam specs
  215. I have a question CAI Question
  216. I have a question Galant Ralliart Throttle Body?
  217. I have a question digital speedometer reading from KPH to MPH?
  218. I have a question Air Bag Light - Help
  219. ticking noise in the cabin when accelerating
  220. Different gauges?
  221. I have a question Quick Question/Sugguestion 09 GS convertible
  222. I have a question Another Zach question. lol
  223. I have a question Switched 12v in outside fuse box?
  224. I have a question Head gasket for gs
  225. I have a question 4g69 N/A hp peak for internals?
  226. I have a question Throttle body
  227. Eclipse vs. white impreza 2!!!!!
  228. I have a question rre shorties
  229. I have a question Eclipse vs. white impreza
  230. I have a question what would happen if I install 2 resonators?
  231. Which would you go with? Any reason why?
  232. Megan Racing GT Exhaust on a GS
  233. Interior Dash popping up?
  234. Question: GReddy Exhaust or Borla
  235. Aero Front Bumper
  236. I have a question Oil Catch Can (eBay)
  237. rre headers
  238. 07 SE Heated seats
  239. Technical writeup valve component comparison
  240. I have a question lower springs
  241. I have a question lower springs
  242. I have a question Custom exhaust question
  243. I have a question Part number for this hose?
  244. What Is The Best Coilovers for 4G GS Eclipse!!
  245. I have a question GS final drive ratio
  246. 2009+ Dual Aftermarket Exhaust
  247. I have a question Fitment
  248. I have a question Evo X Muffler on a Late Model Dual setup?
  249. Underdrive Pulley
  250. Timing belt change and other parts